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Below is a roundup of projects I’m currently working on, selections from which should be gracing this blog in the coming weeks and months. All will be intended for use with the Castles & Crusades system, but should also be largely compatible with other related classic fantasy role playing systems.

Another Book of Wondrous Beasts

There’s still more creatures from medieval legend waiting to be defined in game terms. At this point the sequel to A Book of Wondrous Beasts is slated to contain over 40 more monsters, and once again I will endeavor to keep them as close to the real lore as possible.

The Wondrous Grimoire (working title)

A collection of spells and magic items directly inspired by real-world folklore, legends, and magical practices. Many of these, like Flying Ointment and the spell of Prodigious Vomiting, have already been posted to the Troll Lord Games Forums. Others still await creation and debut. This may also include a section detailing a new, more historically accurate magic system. If I can get it at least semi-balanced, that is!

Races and Classes of Wonder (working title)

A selection of Races and Classes for PCs, inspired by folklore, legend, and mythology. Will include folklore-based interpretations of such races as Changelings, Dhampirs, and Woodwoses (Wild Men), as well as polished versions of the Warrior Wizard (inspired by Malgigi from Carolingian legend), the Demon Hunter, and Philosopher classes.

A Guide To Hauntings (working title)

An early draft of a system to represent Hauntings was posted by me to the Troll Lord forums some time ago. That system had numerous problems, but I plan on taking another crack at it and arriving at a solid (and suitably creepy) method for representing ghostly phenomena of all possible power levels.

Also, look out for the first drafts from a new game featuring innocent beauties in empire-waisted gowns, foreboding ancestral castles filled with secrets, fiendish beasts of men, Byronic heroes with shameful pasts, mad relatives who must be kept imprisoned, forbidden love, dark sorcery from a half-forgotten past, monarchies that are giving way to new republics, and cursed bandits who are actually disinherited noblemen. It’ll be Literary Gothic: equal parts horror, romance, and melodrama.