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The following is designed as a closer representation of half-demons as they occur in folklore. The most famous legendary Cambion, of course, was Merlin the Magician, who lacked all of the outwardly demonic features often encountered in the treatment of half-demons in fantasy RPGs.


The child of a human and an Infernal creature.

It is no secret that the Infernal powers lust after humanity. By means both overt and duplicitous they seek constantly to gratify their desires. Frequently, the hybrid child produced by such an unholy mating is a grotesque mooncalf, a deformed and imbecilic semi-demon. Often, however, the product is an apparently human creature called a Cambion.

The mothers of Cambions are almost invariably human, and their fathers Infernal. Few Infernals would actually allow themselves to be pregnant, or could restrain themselves from working malice upon their own child as it grows in the womb. Sometimes it does happen, if the Infernal mother feels that the child could further their own malevolent plans.

Some sages speculate that the Infernal beings have no true gender, are actually incapable of creating life, and that the Infernal (whether in a male or female form) is merely the conduit or container for biological materials gathered from other humans. In that case the influence of the Infernal is still felt as a taint of Evil upon the child produced.

Physical Description:

True Cambions are always physically good looking, a strange fact that belies their Infernal parentage. They often have striking facial features, clear and brilliantly colored eyes, lovely hair, and beautiful bodies. They lack horns, tails, hooves, or any other overt sign of their Infernal nature. Some sages speculate that the beauty of Cambions is a deliberate ploy by the Infernal powers to put their offspring into positions of power and adulation.

A Cambion often appears to be stillborn when first delivered. It may be only after some time, perhaps when the child’s human parents are ready to bury her, that the Cambions opens her eyes and takes her first breath.


Cambions eat, drink, sleep, and perform every other bodily function the same as an ordinary human. They can breed with ordinary humans, and their children will also be normal people. If two Cambions produce children the offspring will also be normal humans. A Cambion has exactly the same lifespan as a normal human.

Psychology & Behavior:

Cambions are not always aware of their own heritage, and it can quite unsettling for them once they learn what they truly are. Sometimes they experience dreams (or nightmares) of their Infernal parent, goading them towards malefic acts. Some Cambions eventually embrace their dark inheritance, reveling in their status as incarnate Evil. Other Cambions embrace Good, seeing their Infernal heritage as a challenge to be overcome.

Most Cambions discover early in life that they have an unusual aptitude for magic. Sometimes a Cambion’s Infernal parent will arrange for works of the blackest magic to find their way into their child’s hands, in hope that the Cambion will be seduced to the dark path of foul necromancy. This is made far easier by the the fact that Cambions are frequently born to witches.

Cambions can be of any Alignment, and many are in fact strong champions of Good. Though they always feel the pull of Evil, many Cambions have sufficient will to fight it.

Whatever their Alignment, Cambions always feel the conflict between their human and Infernal natures. Some are driven mad by it.


Cambions are usually raised as normal human beings, and will therefore be comfortable in human society. They may be noticed to have unusual abilities early in life, however, which can result in some mistrust or outright persecution. Cambions who remain undetected as such often find themselves rising to positions of prominence and power. Their intelligence, beauty, and personal magnetism inspire devotion in others. As long as they can keep their secret they prosper. Cambions who are exposed for what they are will usually find themselves despised by all, except for wizards, witches, and dark cultists.

Very rarely, a Cambion will have been raised in the Infernal Realm and tutored in Evil. Sometimes this happens because the Infernal father kidnapped the Cambion’s mother and held her prisoner until the child was born. Other times the Infernal father claims the child after birth. For whatever reason, such Cambions are usually sent back to the mundane world to seize power and create suffering and misery on earth.

Relations With Other Races:

All races except Half-Orcs will be unnerved if they learn of a Cambion’s true nature. Most races will eventually learn to trust the Cambion if she shows herself to not be Evil, but a lingering mistrust may remain. Half-Orcs, on the other hand, will generally embrace Cambions. Since Half-Orcs are themselves considered the children of monsters, they tend to see Cambions as kin.

Special Abilities:

Extraplaner Type: Cambions have the Extraplaner type. They can use any magic reserved for Extraplaner beings, but are also subject to spells that affect Extraplaner beings.

Deepvision: Cambions can see in condition of absolute darkness to a range of 120 feet.

Special Weaknesses:

Infernal Weaknesses: Cambion’s are subject to all the weaknesses of their Infernal parent. Spells that affect Extraplaner creatures of Evil affect Cambions. Protection From Evil for example, will prevent a Cambion from entering an area, regardless of the Cambion’s actual Alignment. Weapons specially enchanted to do extra damage against Infernals also will also be just as effective against Cambions.

Taint of Evil: No matter what a Cambion’s actual Alignments is, they will always be detected as Evil by magic that reveals Alignments.

Subject To Rebuking: Good-aligned (and only Good-aligned) Clerics can turn (but never destroy) Cambions as if they were Unique Undead.. This is regardless of the Cambion’s actual Alignment.


Preferred Class: Illusionist, Witch (if used) and Wizard. The Dark Arts come easy to a Cambion, and they almost always pursue magic.

Illusionist, Witch, and Wizard Abilities Adjustment: Choose one Zero or First Level bonus spell. The Cambion can use that bonus spell once a day without preparation or spell components. Once determined, a Cambion’s bonus spell cannot be changed.

Attribute Adjustment: +1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma

Size: MediumMovement: 30 feet

Starting Languages: Common, and Cambions also find that they can understand (not necessarily speak) the speech of Infernal beings without any prior training.