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The strange offspring of a living human and a Vampire

It is said that the restless dead desire more than simply blood. Under certain strange circumstances a human woman can become pregnant with the child of a Vampire. Often, these children are stillborn, as dead as their fathers. Other times the spawn are horrific abominations that bear no resemblance to the human form. Usually, though, the children born of such unholy unions are human in appearance, but marked with features and powers that bear witness to their unnatural origins. Such people are called Dhampirs.

Dhampirs can usually pass as fully human, but they are not. Despite being the children of the Undead, most Dhampirs feel absolutely no affinity for their fathers. In fact, Dhampirs have a range of abilities that make them the ideal enemies of Vampires and their kind.

Physical Description:

Dhampirs are often unsettling or repulsive to behold. Although they look clearly human, they frequently are marked by such features as extremely pale skin; protruding eyes; unusually large or pointed teeth; a large, oddly shaped, or even missing nose; or unusually formed ears. Very often a Dhampir will have a strange birthmark on his body, or lack fingernails. The hair and eyes of Dhampirs are always dark, and their flesh will feel unusually gelatinous to the touch.


Dhampirs eat, drink, and sleep the same way as normal humans. They do not have any kind of attraction to blood. They live only for as long as normal humans, and can produce children with ordinary people. In fact, many families of Vampire hunters have a Dhampir as their founder.

The bones of a Dhampir are unnaturally elastic, and their flesh has a peculiar softness. This doesn’t seem to affect their strength at all, but it can unnerve anyone who tries to hold one.

Psychology & Behavior:

Dhampirs have all the same desires as humans, but their minds are often twisted in some way. They often have difficulty relating to normal people, and are likely to live alone. Most people feel uncomfortable around Dhampirs, even if they are unable to explain why. If not for the Dhampir’s unique ability as a fighter of the undead, they would probably not be tolerated.

Dhampirs are filled with an instinctual hatred of the Undead. They will never willingly participate in any act that creates or sustains such creatures. In fact, Dhampirs of every Alignment crave the love and company of living things, a fact made more pathetic by the almost universal discomfort that most animals and people experience in the company of the Dhampir.

Dhampirs can be of any Alignment, but even Evil Dhampirs hate the Undead.

Dhampirs In Society:

Dhampir’s solitary habits derive from their own ugliness, lack of social graces, and the unease they inspire in others. The Dhampir’s unique abilities to fight the Undead provides him with a source of ready income, however. Talented and lucky Dhampirs can find themselves growing wealthy as they rid villages of Vampires and other deathless monsters. Such a life is extraordinarily dangerous, of course. Many human settlements grow to have a conflicted relationship with the local Dhampir – he is simultaneously feared as an abomination, and valued as a weapon against the Undead.

Special Ablities:

Undead Type: Despite being living beings, Dhampirs possess the Undead type. All magic which affects the Undead affects Dhampirs. Similarly, they are immune to all mind-affecting spells or spell-like abilities used by other Undead, such as Sleep, Charm and other compulsions. Neither are they subject to poison, disease, level draining, paralysis, or death magic from Undead sources. Dhampirs can be affected by any of the things they might be resistant to, if the source is a living being. Dhampirs are not subject to turning.

See Undead: Dhampirs can always see an Undead creatures for what it really is, regardless of whether the creature is polymorphed, invisible, or otherwise disguised. Dhampirs can allow others to use this ability by removing the shirt they are currently wearing and letting someone else look through its sleeve.

Soft-Bodied: The unusual composition of Dhampirs’ flesh and bones readers them resistant to blunt weapons. Attacks from blunt weapons (including pummeling and Slam attacks) subtract 1 point per die of damage.

Special Weaknesses:

Unnatural Aura: Dhampirs are unnatural things, and they make all natural creatures and people uneasy. The CK should assume that any natural creature or person who first meets the Dhampir is negatively inclined towards them. Continued positive interaction can change this attitude of course, but most Dhampirs are also hampered by very low Charisma.

Casts No Shadow: A Dhampir casts no shadow. Dhampirs who are trying to pass as normal humans can be easily discovered by their lack of a shadow.


Preferred Classes: Demon Hunter (if used), Ranger (with Undead as Favored Enemy), Fighter, Assassin

Demon Hunter Abilities Adjustment: +1 on Demonology

Ranger Abilities Adjustment: +1 when Tracking Undead

Assassin Adjustment: +1 on Listen

Attribute Adjustment: -4 Charisma. Dhampirs tend to be ugly and lacking in social graces.

Size: Medium

Movement: 30 feet

Starting Language: Common