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SWAP HEADS Level 6 wizard
Allows the caster to safely swap the heads (and most physical abilities) of two creatures.

CT: 20 min.    R: 2 Creatures    D: Permanent
SV: None     SR: Yes     Comp: V, S, M, F

By means of this strange and potent spell a wizard is able to surgically transpose the heads of any two organic creatures that are no more than one category different in size. For example the heads of two people can be swapped (both Medium sized), or those of a dog (Small sized) and a person (Medium sized). The heads of a horse (Large sized) and a fly (Small sized), however, could not be swapped (unless one was magically altered in size beforehand). The new body does not need to be the same gender or age as the old one. Due to the peculiar magic of the spell, both heads must actually be swapped. The caster cannot simply throw one head away and let a donor body die, for example.

A transferred head keeps its own Class, Level, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, spell-like abilities, special senses (such as Darkvision), and any biting or goring attacks possessed. The body that receives the new head retains its natural Armor Class, movement rate and types, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, body-based natural attacks, and Hit Dice (if they are higher than the Head’s Class Level). Obviously, if the new body lacks hands the transferred head may be unable to use certain character Abilities, such as casting spells with Somatic or Material Components.

Certain evil (or insane) wizards use this spell to create bizarre human-animal hybrids for use as slaves, or merely for their own twisted amusement. Sometimes, the spell is used as a reward, replacing an old or weak body with that of a hapless (but healthy) victim. There are horrible stories of entire families that were the subject of some wizard’s sick joke, waking up to the shock of having their heads attached to the wrong bodies. Tales also tell of variations on the Swap Heads spell, allowing for the transplantation of other limbs and appendages.

A caster cannot use the Swap Heads spell on their own body. Those who wish to attain better bodies in this way must have the aid of an equally powerful wizard.

The spell requires a full 20 minutes of uninterrupted work, during which time the wizard surgically removes the heads, and places them upon their new bodies. The wounds heal instantly, leaving only thin red lines as evidence. The spell does not restrain the subjects in any way, so some other means must be used to make unwilling subjects submit to its effects. The spell can easily be used on slumbering subjects, however.

The Arcane Focus is a specially prepared and inscribed knife which costs no less than 5,000 gp to create. The Material Component is a alchemical salve that must be applied to the blade, worth 1,000 gp.