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FAME/OBSCURITY Level 5 wizard
Subject becomes either suddenly famous, or else completely ignored.

CT: 10 min.     R: 1 subject    D: Permanent
SV: Chr. negates     SR: Yes    Comp: V, S, M, F

The subject of this spell is almost immediately confronted with new-found fame. Wherever they go, somebody will know who they are. Bards will sing songs about their accomplishments, however commonplace or meager. Strangers will look at them with admiration, young women (or men) will seek them out for romance, and taverns will let them drink for free. Even the local rulers will know who the character is, and may ask them to commit to quests. The character may find references to himself in songs and books that were written before the spell was even cast. They may be confronted with ancient prophesies regarding their glorious destiny. Treat the PC as having an 18 Charisma for purposes of reactions and persuasion (but NOT for such things as Saving Throws or determining bonus spells).

On the other hand, any character under he influence of the Fame spell will find it impossible to hide out or disguise themselves (negating am Assassin’s Disguise Ability, for example). Privacy is utterly lost. Word will always spread regarding their whereabouts. Crowds will form outside inns where the character stays. In time, the character may become so famous that even monsters and savage humanoids instantly recognize him, for better or worse. Eventually, there will be nowhere in the multiverse that the character can go without their fame preceding them.

Some sages regard the Fame spell as the most insidious curse that can be inflicted on anyone.

The reversed form of the spell, Obscurity, makes it impossible for the character to achieve any form of glory or recognition. The character’s family and friends still remember who they are, but other people will be unable to recall the character, or anything he has done. Even family and friends will be unable to remember the character having ever done anything significant. The character will be ignored and overlooked whenever possible. If he performs any great deeds, they will either be forgotten or ascribed to others. Nobody will answer the character’s call to arms, or flock to their banner. Any records of the character having done anything notable will seem to disappear, and his name will be missing from any books that previously may have mentioned him. On the other hand, an Obscure character receives on a +4 bonus on attempts to Hide or Disguise themselves.

It is rumored that the most powerful Mages of antiquity remain unknown due to their deliberate use of the Obscurity spell.

Fame and Obscurity cancel each other out, restoring the character’s normal level of recognition. Either version of the spell can also be undone by a Dispel Magic or Remove Curse spell cast on the character. After the termination of a Fame spell, no creature in the multiverse below Divine level will remember the character’s period of notoriety, and the affected will concoct rationalizations for their behavior during the time of the spell’s effect. Any prophesies or recorded evidence created as a result of the spell will disappear, remembered by no one. Conversely, after the influence of an Obscurity spells ends, a character’s notable (or infamous!) deeds will be remembered again, and recorded testimonies of such deeds will again exist.

There are stories of rogue wizards who use the Fame and Obscurity spells as a racket, casting Fame for a price even commoners can afford, then charging an astronomical price to undo the spell after the foolish subject is driven nearly mad by the attention they receive.

The Material Component is a slip of parchment inscribed with the subject’s name in ink that contains at least 500 gp worth of powdered peridot. The name is written normally for the Fame spell, and backwards for the Obscurity spell. The Arcane Focus is a mirror.