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Here’s a spell inspired by a power attributed to several demons in medieval grimoires.

INFEST WOUNDS, Level 5 wizard, level 5 cleric, level 5 druid
Causes wounds previously inflicted to become full of horrific vermin.

CT: 1    R: 1 creature within 250′    D: 1 day/Level
SV: Con negates     SR: Yes     Comp: V, S. M

The Infest Wounds spell can only be cast upon a creature that has already been wounded in some way. The abominable effect causes horrible maggot-like worms and crawling insects to erupt from the victim’s wounds and torment him for days afterwards. The infestation has the following effects:

1. The vermin will torment the afflicted character incessantly, making it impossible for the victim to concentrate on anything but the constant itching and pain. Spell use is impossible while infested, and sleep will have to be chemically or magically induced. A character can stay awake for 2 days without harm, but each day afterwards they must save versus Constitution or lose 1 point from a random Ability score. If any Ability score reaches 0, the character is either dead (if the lost Ability was a Physical one) or permanently insane (if it was a mental Ability). Death can still follow permanent insanity, if Abilities continue to drop. Sleep before the point of death or permanent insanity will restore all lost Ability scores, but will not restore an insane character’s mind.

2. The character will be unable to heal naturally at all while infested. The character can still be healed magically, however, and if the victim is magically healed of all damage the Infest Wounds spell will be canceled.

3. The vermin will exude a horrible smell, causing anyone approaching within 5′ of the character to save versus Constitution or retch for 1d4 rounds.

Attempting to scrape off the infesting vermin will be ineffective, as more will simply erupt from the wounds to replace those removed. An infested character can make a new saving throw for every day of the spell’s effect. Success will end the infestation. The spell can also be undone by Remove Curse, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, or any effect that destroys or banishes disease or vermin. As previously noted, magically healing a character of all damage will cancel the spell, but surgical or other mundane means of healing will not stop the infestation.

The Infest Wounds spell is sometime employed as a means of torture, by making shallow cuts all over a prisoner’s body and then causing them to become infested. Naturally, possession of a copy of this abominable spell may bring a wizard quick death at the hands of outraged Paladins or good Clerics.

The Material Component for this spell is a small piece of rotten meat.