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The Wrath Devils are the nastiest bunch of creatures PCs will never want to run into. They are the common officers within Hell’s Legions, as well as elite troops and fiendish Knight Errants who independently spread misery and pain. They make great villains for action-oriented Campaigns. Remember, what follows are stats for the “ordinary” Wrath Devil. There are yet nastier things in Hell, including the Counts and Countesses of their caste, as well as the great dragon-like Destroyer who commands them all from his burning prison-pit.


SIZE: Large (9′ Tall)
HD: 13 (d8)
MOVE: 30′, 60 (fly)
AC: 25 (see below)
ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d8 +Infest Wound), 2 Claws (1d8+6), or 2 Weapon Strikes (by Weapon Type+6)
SPECIAL: Magic or Silver Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Fire Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Aura of Fear, Eyes of Hate, Infest Wounds, Great Strength, Spell Resistance 10, Spell-like Abilities
INT: High
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 9675+13

The Wrath Devils are the Knights and Centurions of Hell‘s legions. When they are not officering armies of common Tormentor Devils, they sometimes make their way to Earth in order to ferment conflict and inspire murder. There are tales of Wrath Devils infiltrating the courts of kings in human guise, insinuating themselves as trusted advisers in order to bring about unnecessary and bloody wars. They may even set themselves up as the focus of sick cults, commanding their disciples to go forth to murder in the name of their false “god”. Eventually, the Wrath Devils slay their murderous dupes, dragging their souls to eternal torture in Hell.

A Wrath Devil in its true form has the head of some ferocious beast, but the body of a muscular man or woman. Examples with the heads of lions, wolves, boars, hawks, ravens, rams, or even dragons have been recorded. Whatever the form of its head, a Wrath Devil’s eyes always seem to burn with anger. The Devil’s hands are clawed, and its taloned feet resemble those of a bird of prey. Spreading behind the Devil are a pair of great wings, which are equally likely to resemble those of a dragon or a raven. The creature’s tail is long and serpentine. Wrath Devils often appear to wear armor of sinister design, but their Armor Class is unaffected unless the armor is itself enchanted, in which case only the magical “plus” is added the Devil’s natural AC. Wrath Devils usually carry one or more fearsome weapons, which are likely to be enchanted. These Devils can actually assume almost any form, but they prefer that of a powerful human warrior.

Naturally, Wrath Devils are absolutely merciless and inhumanly cruel. Their love of inflicting pain and suffering goes far beyond that of the most twisted human torturer. Wrath Devils are absolutely and inflexibly lawful, however, and will follow orders and hold bargains to the letter.

The Wrath Devils are closely allied with the Craft Devils, who provide arms, armor, and strongholds. If given a choice, a Wrath Devil will fight first for its own kind, then on behalf of the Craft Devils, and only thereafter for any of the other castes. They are neutral with regard to the rivalry between the Corrupter and Luminous Devils. While the Wrath Devils personally despise the Accuser Devils, they will nonetheless obey the decisions of Hell’s courts. Tormentor Devils are seen as useful but expendable tools.

Combat: Wrath Devils relish combat, luxuriating in the noise of battle and the feeling of fresh blood spraying on their bodies. They are equally able to inflict terrible damage with their fangs and claws as with other weapons. Such is their skill at arms that they can strike twice in around with any weapon. They will always Summon other Devils and use their spell-like abilities to inflict maximum damage in combat. Favored tactics include creating Walls of Fire to funnel armored opponents into a mass and then using Heat Metal, using Animate Dead to make the corpses of fallen opponents rise up against their former allies, or using Transmute Mud and Rock to mire opponents in deep muck. Although able to Teleport away from fights, they enjoy violence too much to do so. Wrath Devils show a wide range of tastes in weaponry, and are as likely to bear any particular weapon (or use a shield) as any human warrior.

Aura of Fear: Anyone who encounters and comes within 20′ of a Wrath Devil must save versus Charisma (Challenge Level 13) or be affected as by a Fear spell. The Devil can suppress this power at will.

Eyes of Hate: If a Wrath Devil forgoes its normal attacks to focus on the hatred that burns inside it, anyone meeting the Devil’s gaze must save versus Wisdom (Challenge Level 13) or go berserk with rage, physically attacking the nearest target (friend or foe) with a +2 to hit, but suffering a +2 penalty on their Armor Class. Berserk characters cannot focus their minds to use spells or Abilities not directly related to melee. The rage will last for 1d10 rounds. A Wrath Devil can use its Eyes of Hate regardless of the Devil’s current form.

Infest Wound: The bite of a Wrath Devil causes a horrible putrefying wound that breeds worms. Immediately after such a bite a mortal victim must Save versus Constitution (Challenge Level 13) or disgusting worms and crawling insects will burst from the wound. These insects will make the victim completely unable to sleep (due to horrible itching), unable to heal without magical aid, and smell so bad that anyone who fails a Challenge Level 13 Constitution Saving Throw will retch for 1d4 rounds if they try to approach him. The worms will last for 13 days, but the victim receives Saving Throw versus Constitution (Challenge Level 13) each day to end the effect before that time. Victims who spend more than 2 days awake will randomly lose 1 point from an Ability Score each night thereafter. The worms will simply reappear if scraped off, but the infestation can be ended with Remove Curse, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, or any effect that destroys or banishes disease or vermin. A successful night’s sleep will restore any lost Ability damage.

Great Strength: Wrath Devils have an effective Strength score of 24, conferring a +6 bonus on damage done with their claws or melee weapons. They also receive this bonus on appropriate SEIGE checks.

Spell-like Abilities: At will: Animate Dead, Gust of Wind, Polymorph Self, Pyrotechnics, Suggestion, Wall of Fire. Once a day a Wrath Devil can do any of the following: strike with an 10 die Fireball or Lightning Bolt, Heat Metal, or Transmute Mud And Rock. In common with other Infernals, Wrath Devils can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication; become Invisible; see in complete darkness; Teleport with no chance of error; perform feats of Prestidigitation; Know Alignment, and create Darkness, all at will. A Wrath Devil may summon a a single fellow Wrath Devil, one Craft Devil, or else three Tormentor Devils instead per night. Wrath Devils can sometimes be convinced to teach the Arcane Spells that correspond to their spell-like abilities, particularly if they believe that the student intends to create havoc, fear, and pain with the magic. The Devil’s spell- abilities have an effective caster level of 10.

Immune To Fire: Like all Devils, a Wrath Devil cannot be harmed by fire.