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The Accuser Devils are both lying and litigious. Their somewhat psychedelic appearance is directly inspired by certain medieval depictions of the Devil, as well as the appearance of the “Devil” card in certain very old Tarot decks.


SIZE: Medium
HD: 8 (d8)
MOVE: 30′
AC: 19
ATTACKS: 2 Claws (1d4)
SPECIAL: Magic or Silver Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Fire Resistance (Full), Cold Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Cannot Be Surprised, Shame, Babble, Enter Holy Ground, Spell Resistance 10, Spell-like Abilities
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 2500+8

The Accuser Devils are the lawyers, messengers, spies, and ambassadors of Hell. They travel constantly from place to place, not only in Hell but across the surface of the Earth. Of all the Devils they have the freest rein to roam among mortals. They gather information for Hell, as well as directly spread gossip, slander, resentment, and envy. Their chief joy comes in ruining lives though lies and insinuations. The dissatisfaction they breed can spread like an infection, until the bonds of society fall before a wave of petty jealousy and covetousness.

An Accuser Devil in its true form presents a striking and unsettling image. The most noticeable aspects of the Devil’s appearance are the multiple faces all over its body. In addition to the grotesque face on the front of its head, it possesses another on the back of its head, a face on each shoulder, faces on it’s chest and belly, a face on its groin where the attributes of gender might otherwise be, and a face on each thigh. The sexless body is scaly, wiry, and a sickly green in overall color. The arms and legs seem to proceed from the mouths of the faces on the shoulders and thighs. The hands and feet are slender and clawed. The Devil’s ears are long and pointed, and top of it’s head similarly comes to a point. There are six spike-like horns surrounding the head, creating the effect of a grotesque crown. The Devil sometimes wear a kind of cap on it’s head, through which the horns will project. The natural voices of these creature are whiny and sniveling. Accuser Devils possess the ability to assume human forms, and they will almost always do so when dealing with non-Infernals. They also particularly enjoy assuming the forms of snakes.

In Hell, the Accuser Devils try cases and mediate disputes among other Devils. They are completely corrupt, of course, so Hell’s justice is usually a matter of who can afford a better bribe. Since Accuser Devils seldom collect souls directly from the mortal plane, they rely upon the legal fees and bribes they demand for their wealth (the coinage of Hell being mortal souls). It is even said that for enough of a bribe in souls, a mortal can convince an Accuser Devil to bring a legal case in Hell to release someone from an otherwise unbreakable Infernal contract. Accuser Devils also travel to other planes (including Heaven itself) in order to claim souls that Hell believes to be its rightful property. Their direct dealings with the Angels contribute to Infernal rumors that the Accuser Devils have arranged side deals with Heaven, to save themselves in the event that any eventual war for Paradise goes against the Devils.

Combat: Accuser Devils will not personally engage in hand-to-hand combat, always preferring to Teleport to a safe place, Summon other Devils, and let them deal directly with any threats. If somehow cornered they can claw their their hands, but they are inherently cowardly beings. At the first sign of real trouble the Devil will attempt to make a deal with its attackers.

Cannot Be Surprised: Due to their many sets of eyes and ears, it is impossible to surprise an Accuser Devil. They constantly perceive with True Sight, as the spell.

Shame: Upon first meeting an opponent, an Accuser Devil gains knowledge of their most embarrassing secret. If the Devil has the chance to state the secret out loud, and the victim can understand it, the person so exposed will temporarily lose all confidence. An exposed person receives a Save versus Charisma (Challenge Level 8). Failure means that until they wake up the next morning, the character may use no special Abilities related to Charisma, and will fail every Charisma-based SIEGE Check and Saving Throw.

Babble: An Accuser Devil can speak from any of its free mouths, but it can also speak from many, or all of them at once. It can even state different ideas from different mouths, arguing against itself. A person he hears this barrage of voices must save versus Wisdom ( Challenge Level 8 ) or be affected as by a Confusion spell. Affected creatures receive a new saving throw every 8 rounds. Naturally, a successful Silence spell will cancel all effects, as well as the Devil’s ability to Babble.

Enter Holy Ground: Alone among Infernals, the Accuser Devils can freely enter holy and consecrated ground. This ability even allows them to enter Heaven, which they do as ambassadors and messengers, as well as to dispute with the Angels over the legitimate possession of certain souls. Accuser Devils can be kept out by wards and guards (such as a Wizard’s Protection From Evil) placed by Arcane magic, however. They are also still subject to active Turning from Good Clerics, just not the passive protection usually conferred by consecrated ground.

Spell-like Abilities: At will: Alter Self (to any humanoid form), Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Detect Magic, Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies, Hide Lies, Hide Thoughts, Locate Creature, Locate Object, Speak With Dead. Accuser Devils enjoy constant True Seeing. Once per day they can raise a Wall of Ice. In common with other Infernals, Accuser Devils can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication; become Invisible; see in complete darkness; Teleport with no chance of error; perform feats of Prestidigitation; Know Alignment; assume the form of a snake, black dog, black cat, goat, toad, raven, or owl; and create Darkness, all at will. An Accuser Devil may attempt to Summon either one Wrath Devil or four Tormentor Devils a day, with a 60% chance of success in either case. Accuser Devils are quite willing to teach the Arcane Spells that correspond to their spell-like abilities, in return for services rendered. All abilities have an effective caster level of 8.

Immune To Fire and Cold: Like all Devils, an Accuser Devil cannot be harmed by fire. Additionally, they are immune to damage from cold.