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Today’s Choir of Angels is definitely not intended as just another set of adversaries to fight. The Angels of Mercy are agents of Divine compassion, and completely non-violent. Which doesn’t mean they are undefended, of course… There are numerous ways that an Angel of Mercy can aid adventurers, but they also present numerous ways that unsavory characters could get themselves in serious trouble. Just remember that the skinny beggar your swaggering PC kicks for laughs just might be a powerful celestial being in disguise.


SIZE: Medium
HD: 10 (d8)
MOVE: 30′, 60′ (fly)
AC: 20
ATTACKS: No Physical Attacks (see below)
SPECIAL: Magic Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Electricity Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Angelic Guardian, Clerical Spells, Profound Wisdom, Virtue of Temperance, Covenant of Temperance, Spell Resistance 17, Spell-like Abilities
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 4800+10

It is said that if the Angels of Mercy had their way, all souls would eventually enjoy Paradise. Existing to administer miracles of healing, give comfort to the afflicted, and to end conflicts between mortals, the Angels of Mercy are perhaps the most compassionate creatures in Creation. They exemplify the belief that Righteousness needs to be tempered with Forgiveness. It is the Angels of Mercy who interceded for the souls of those who have indulged in vice or been forced to break the law, but whose hearts nonetheless remained Good. Kind-hearted prostitutes, thieves who steal from the wicked wealthy to support the virtuous poor, oppressed freedom fighters, and repentant addicts who try to prevent others from following their sorrowful path, all have advocates in the Angels of Mercy. Some say that it is for that reason that the Angels of Mercy enjoy the particular favor of the Queen of Angels.

An Angel of Mercy in her natural form appears as a lovely young woman in a pure white, gown-like robe. The Angel possesses a pair of large, swan-like wings, also pure white in color. Her body constantly glows with white light, which becomes a particularly bright nimbus around the being’s head. An Angel of Mercy can have any skin tone, hair color, and eye color possible for humans. These Angels will usually be encountered in a fully human form, frequently disguised as members of female religious orders. It is not unknown for an Angel of Mercy to take the disguise of one of society’s outcasts, however, even seeming to be a common beggar or harlot.

In Heaven, the Angels of Mercy help to administer the pleasures of Paradise. To reward those who in life considered the good of others to be more important than their own enjoyment, the Angels create realms where Blessed Souls can indulge in endless play and sensory enjoyment. In the mundane world, Angels of Mercy will visit battlefields, places stricken by plague, or the scenes of atrocities, in order to bring hope, healing, and comfort. They sometimes take up residence in some natural feature, such as a grotto or spring, which may become a site of holy pilgrimage.

Angels of Mercy sometimes employ unorthodox methods to gain souls for Heaven. They are the particular opponents of the Corrupter Devils, who tempt mortals souls with forbidden and excessive indulges. Therefore, in order to counteract the pernicious influence of those Devils, the Angels are quite willing to lead souls to virtue through a path of apparent vice. The Angel may subvert the lust of a irreligious man by arranging a love affair with a beautiful but pious woman, who will ultimately bring him closer to Heaven. Another strategy would be to inspire the creation and distribution of delicious food and drink, with the profits befitting charity. Whenever they can, the Angels of Mercy will work to stop those who exploit the moral failings of humanity for profit, and will instead provide opportunities for those same weaknesses to actually lead people to a life of goodness.

It is said by some Sages that the Angels of Mercy are actually the original form of the Corrupter Devils, before the later lost the Virtue of Temperance and became lost to Gluttony. According to these authorities, the Angels of Mercy do not seek the destruction of the Corrupter Devils. Rather, the Angels want to convince the Devils to renounce their Vice and reclaim the Virtue that will grant them a place back in Heaven. However, even the scholars who promote such a view cannot say that the Angels have ever been successful in bringing any Infernals back to Paradise.

Combat: Angels of Mercy carry no weapons, and embody a wholly pacifistic philosophy. They personally abhor all forms of violence, and refuse to even defend themselves. The prefer to lose their physical forms and be sent back to Heaven than use any weapon or spell effect that causes actual damage to an opponent. It is usual for an Angel of Mercy who is engaged in healing to ignore successful attacks and continue their work, until their bodies are destroyed. The Angels can and will, however, use non-offensive spells to prevent opponents from harming others. In addition, Heaven takes a particularly dim view of anything that attacks an Angel of Mercy, and a Guardian Angel will always be sent to stop the attacker.

Angelic Guardian: Attacking an Angel of Mercy causes the instantaneous appearance of a Guardian Angel. Each opponent who launches an attack on an Angel of Mercy will have to deal with a separate Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel will do everything in its power to stop the Angel of Mercy from being attacked, but once the attack ceases the Guardian Angel will stop its attacks as well. Only one such Guardian Angel will be sent per attacker, but once the Guardian Angel arrives it will remain with the Angel of Mercy for the remainder of the day.

Clerical Spells: An Angel of Mercy has the spell ability of a 12th Level Cleric. This includes gaining bonus spells for their Profound Wisdom.

Profound Wisdom: Angels of Mercy have Wisdom scores of 20. This grants a +4 bonus on all relevant SIEGE checks and Saving throws. They also gain the appropriate number of Clerical bonus spells.

Virtue of Temperance: The mere presence of an Angel of Mercy suppresses hunger and thirst, automatically Purifies Food and Drink, Neutralizes Poisons, deactivates the harmful effects of all drugs, spoils all potions created by Arcane magic, and reveals all magically disguised substances within a 30′ radius.

Covenant of Temperance: Angels of Mercy do not withhold their healing from anyone who suffers, but they are also able to bestow a special blessing upon those who are willing to completely abstain from intoxication. If a character agrees to a Covenant of Temperance, they are bound to never willingly become intoxicated by any means, or ever willingly consume a potion of Arcane origin. The character can still drink wine or beer, but must never willingly drink enough to experience actual intoxication. In return, the Angel blesses the character with total immunity to all diseases and disease-like effects, mundane or magical. The immunity lasts for as long as the character keeps to the Covenant. Naturally, anyone in a Covenant of Temperance should expect to be targeted for temptation by the powers of Hell.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will: Feather Fall (on others), Suggestion, Major Creation. Once a day they can use Enhance Attribute to benefit another, and raise a Minor Globe of Invulnerability. In common with all Angels, an Angel of Mercy can also use Improved Invisibility, Know Alignment, create Light, Polymorph Self, perform feats of Prestidigitation, and Teleport Without Error, all at will. They can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write and and understand all forms of communication; and can see perfectly regardless of illumination. Once a day an Angel of Mercy can Summon another of its kind (who cannot Summon any more Angels) . All spell-like abilities have an effective caster level of 12, and are in addition to the Angel’s Clerical spells.

Immune To Electricity: Like all Angels, an Angel of Mercy cannot be harmed by Lightning or Electricity.