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Stepping into the surreal side of Goodness, I present the Chariot Angels. Based primarily upon the “Ophanim” or “wheels within wheels” from the book of Ezekiel, I have also included certain concepts from the writings of John Dee regarding angels that were also cities and gates. The Chariot Angels are the virtual embodiments of Diligence, and opponents of the scheming Craft Devils.

CHARIOT ANGEL (Whirling Wheel)

SIZE: Large (20′ Tall)
HD: 15 (d8)
MOVE: 100′ in all environments
AC: 25
ATTACKS: 1 Slam (2d6+6d6 holy fire damage)
SPECIAL: Magic Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Electricity Resistance (Full), Fire Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Nimbus of Flame, Total Perception, Complete Transformation, Implement of Righteousness, Telepathic Bond, Virtue of Diligence, Covenant of Diligence, Cosmic Knowledge, Spell Resistance 15, Spell-like Abilities
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 22,900+15

A Chariot Angel in its natural form is a bizarre sight. The being is twenty feet tall, and resembles two vertically-intersecting wheels, set at right angles and made of glowing chrysolite surrounded with white fire. The rims of the wheels are set with unblinking, human-like eyes. No wings are apparent, but the creature seems nonetheless able to move in any direction. Because of the hazard their natural form poses to mundane creatures, Chariot Angels are apt to appear in other forms, which are not limited to those of living creatures. It is not unknown for a Chariot Angel to actually become a sword, shield, or even a building. They can also assume human form, of course, usually taking the shape of a common laborer, or someone involved in the transportation trades.

Chariot Angels are often found in the company of Cherubim. Four Whirling Wheels and four Cherubim often form the transport and bodyguard of high celestial figures when they feel it necessary to visit the mundane world. The Chariot Angel’s ability to create a Telepathic Bond with other Angels allows the team to move as a single unit. Often, such a unit is headed by one of the Chariot Angel nobles called Thrones, who form themselves into the actual royal seats of important figures in Heaven.

Chariot Angels are the natural opponents of the Craft Devils. Where the Craft Devils create Infernal Devices to tempt the unwary, Chariot Angels are themselves holy objects to aid the righteous. According to stories, the Craft Devils were once Chariot Angels who lost the Virtue of Diligence, and became obsessed with devising machines. Whatever the truth, Chariot Angels work constantly to undo the Craft Devils’ schemes.

It is speculated that large portions of Heaven are actually composed of Chariot Angels in various forms. The great palaces of Heaven may be in fact many Chariot Angels held together by their total, diligent devotion to the glory of righteousness.

Many Sages speculate that the Chariot Angels were intimately involved in the process of Creation, accounting for their profound knowledge of the properties of the Cosmos. Some wizards claim to have been told by Cosmic Archons that the Chariot Angels were once Archons themselves, whose devotion to Absolute Law became (in their view) corrupted by concern for the welfare of other beings. Of course, the powers of Heaven claim that the Archons are all actually fallen Angels, so the truth of the matter remains uncertain.

Combat: A Chariot Angel’s ability to assume almost any form make them among the most dangerous combatants in all Creation. Nonetheless, they prefer to assume their natural shape when fighting, in under to underscore to opponents that they are fighting a representative of Heaven. The Chariot Angel in its natural form will slam into combatants and crush them, also subjecting enemies to horrible damage from its Nimbus of Holy Fire. The Angel will also use Telekinesis to drag opponents into the Holy Flame, or fling them against the the magical Walls (of Fire, Force, Ice, Iron, or Stone) it can create.

Nimbus of Holy Flame: Any mundane creature standing within 60 feet of a Chariot Angel in its natural form must save versus Constitution (Challenge Level 15) each round or receives 1d6 points of damage per round. This increases by 1d6 per every 10 feet nearer the mundane creature comes to the Angel, to a maximum of 6d6 points of fire damage per round for creatures within melee range. Evil-aligned or Undead creatures take double damage. Creatures slammed by the Chariot Angel in its natural form therefore suffer 6d6 (or 6d6 x 2) points of fire damage, in addition to the damage from the slam. A Chariot Angel only possesses its Nimbus of Holy Flame when in its natural form, and the Angel cannot make the Nimbus appear when the being is in a different shape.

Total Perception: A Chariot Angel enjoys constant True Seeing in all directions at once. Naturally, it is impossible to surprise the Angel.

Complete Transformation: A Chariot Angel’s ability to Shapechange is not limited to the forms of creatures, but can be used by the Angel to become anything whatsoever that is not more than 100 feet high and 100 feet wide. The Chariot Angels acquires all the special characteristics of whatever it changes into. It may even acquire new immunities in this way. For example, a Chariot Angel in the form of a castle of ice is immune to cold attacks.

Implement of Righteousness: Chariot Angels sometimes transform themselves into weapons and armor to be used for the cause of Good. A Chariot Angel who assumes the form of a weapon is effectively a +3 Holy magical item that does double damage against Evil creatures. Likewise, a Chariot Angel in the shape of armor effectively becomes +3 magical armor. The Angel can resume its true form, or any other form, at any time.

Telepathic Bond: All Angels within 300 feet of a Chariot Angel are automatically linked by a Telepathic Bond, as the spell. The Chariot Angel can opt to include Good-aligned mortals in this Bond.

Virtue of Diligence: The mere presence of a Chariot Angel within 300 feet instantly cures exhaustion; dispels any magically induced despair; restores all broken, corroded or tarnished items of metal, stone or wood to wholeness; and restores any construction previously ruined by a Craft Devil’s ability to Curse Mortal Work.

Covenant of Diligence: A Good-aligned character is able to enter into a Covenant of Diligence with a Chariot Angel. The Angel can provide petitioners with magical items or treasures that will be used for Good causes. The maximum value of such items will not exceed 20,000 gp. The character must then agree to undertake 1 week of unpaid labor for every 1,000 gp value of items received. The work must be undertaken on behalf of the cause of Good. Building temples or orphanages, clearing away rubble after a storm, working a farm for a widow, or crafting free goods for distribution to the poor, are all examples of the kind of work the Angel may demand. The character can accept food, water, and shelter for their labor, but no monetary compensation of any kind.

Cosmic Knowledge: Chariot Angels have near total knowledge of the structure and properties of the physical Cosmos and spiritual realms. They are 95% likely to know the answer to any question relating to cosmology, astronomy, astrology, or the properties of material, magical, and spiritual substances. This includes being able to identify potions by sight, for example. Chariot Angels are sometimes Summoned for their knowledge. The Angels cannot, however, be induced by any means to share their knowledge with Evilly Aligned creatures.

Spell-Like Abilities: One at a time, at will: Discern Location, Fly (on others), Haste, Identify, Major Creation, Produce Flame, Slow, Telekinesis, Wall of Fire. Once per day they can perform each of the following: Wall of Force, Wall of Ice, Wall of Iron, Wall of Stone, In common with all Angels, a Chariot Angel can also use Improved Invisibility, Know Alignment, create Light, Polymorph Self, perform feats of Prestidigitation, and Teleport Without Error, all at will. They can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write and and understand all forms of communication; and can see perfectly regardless of illumination. Once per day a Chariot Angel can Summon either another Chariot Angel, or a Cherub (who, like all Summoned creatures, cannot Summon more Angels themselves) All spell-like abilities have an effective caster level of 15.

Immune To Electricity and Fire: Like all Angels, a Chariot Angel cannot be harmed by Lightning or Electricity. Additionally, they are immune to damage from Fire.