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Presenting the regular Guardian Angels who watch over Good people, and form the bulk of the Hosts of Heaven. They make great secret patrons for parties of low-level, Good-aligned adventurers, particularly if they lack a Cleric.


SIZE: Medium
HD: 7 (d8)
MOVE: 30′, 90′ (fly)
AC: 21
ATTACKS: 1 Weapon (+1)
SPECIAL: Magic Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Electricity Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Battle Skill, Virtue of Faith, Alert to Evil, Encouraging Touch, Gift of Faith, Spell Resistance 7, Spell-like Abilities
INT: Average to Superior
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 1575+7

Guardian Angels are the most numerous type of Angel. Their natural forms resemble ordinary humans of either gender, and any ethnicity. The always appear to be dressed in pure white clothing of the type commonly worn by clergy, but each viewer will perceive the exact type differently, according to their native culture. For example, a knight from a feudal society may see the Guardian Angel wearing a long white robe, while a tribesman sees the Angel wearing a white loincloth. Surrounding the Angel’s head is nimbus of golden light. A Guardian Angel always bears some kind of weapon, which will always be typical of the nation or area where the Angel manifests. Thus, a Guardian Angel could bear anything from a staff to a sword, or even such things as a blowgun or stone axe! Like all Angels, however, Guardian Angels can actually appear in almost any form. They are fond of appearing like the most ordinary people, with no outward sign of supernatural power. Sometimes, they even disguise themselves in animal forms, particularly those of well-built guard dogs.

Many Guardian Angels appear to be mortals elevated to Angelic status after death. Such Angels retain the basic recognizable appearance they had in life, but without any physical blemishes, imperfections, or disabilities they once possessed. Other Guardian Angels seem to have always been Angels. Because time works in a strange and often non-linear fashion in the spiritual realms, some sages even claim that certain Guardian Angels are actually the future selves of righteous people who have not yet died!

As well as being the most common Angel, Guardian Angels are also the type most frequently dispatched to the mundane world. Very often a Guardian Angel’s mission will consist of Invisibly guarding a person from evil, and whispering encouragements to perform righteous deeds. Guardian Angels posses unique abilities to shield their charges from the most common types of wickedness and danger. These Angels frequently come into conflict with other spiritual beings, particularly Tormentor Devils and Possessor Demons. There are stories of people visited by both a Guardian Angel and Tormentor Devil, who would constantly whisper opposing advice and battle each other. Guardian Angels will also fight the Cosmic Archons on behalf of their wards, especially when the Archons determine that a righteous person must die or suffer before Heaven wants them to. Some sages speculate that every Good creature is, in fact, assigned a Guardian Angel, and that is is only due to the constant assault of other spiritual beings (and subsequent distraction or banishment of the Angel) that any Good person comes to harm.

Guardian Angels form the bulk of the Hosts of Heaven. While they posses their own Lords, armies of Guardian Angels are also often led by Warrior Angels in cosmic struggles against powerful forces of Evil. In fact, Guardian Angels stand ready to assist all the other choirs in the work of Heaven. When Guardian Angels are encountered with other Angels they will usually appear to be in a subservient role. The Guardian Angels are happy to further righteousness by whatever means they can, however, and do not resent their status. Neither do the other Choirs of Angels ever treat Guardian Angels with anything but respect and appreciation.

Some sages speculate concerning the exact relationship between Guardian Angels and Tormentor Devils. Guardian Angels are not known to claim any such relationship at all, which leaves the question of the Tormentor Devils’ origin unclear.

Combat: Guardian Angels are neither bellicose nor pacifistic, engaging in combat only when necessary, but always taking all steps necessary to eliminate enemies who refuse to surrender. They fight with finely made weapons, the exact type always being the one that is most typical of the cultural region where the Angel is currently manifested. If encountered in Heaven itself, Guardian Angels bear long swords. When they fight alongside mortals, Guardian Angels will typically use their special abilities to first protect and bolster the defenses of their allies, only thereafter committing themselves to combat.

Battle Skill: Their great fighting skill allows Guardian Angels to inflict an additional point of damage, regardless of the weapon used.

Alert to Evil: A Guardian Angel is instantly alerted whenever an Evil-aligned creature approaches within 100 feet. Invisibility offers Evil creatures no protection against this ability, although such spells (or spell-like powers) as Sequester or Mind Blank will defeat it.

Encouraging Touch: With a touch a Guardian Angel can Remove Fear (as the spell) from any Good-aligned creature.

Virtue of Faith: A Guardian Angel can Turn Undead as a 7th Level Good Cleric. Additionally, no Undead Creature (including such things as Dhampirs) can actually touch a Guardian Angel, voiding all attacks that require physical contact. The Guardian Angel can freely attack the Undead, however.

Gift of Faith: A Guardian Angel is able to bestow the ability to Turn Undead (as a 7th-level Cleric) upon any creature, regardless of Alignment. The creature so gifted only receives the ability to Turn or Destroy Undead – never to command them. The Gift lasts until the next sunrise. If a recipient of the Gift of Faith somehow manages to use it for Evil or purely selfish purposes, they can expect to be revisited by the Guardian Angel (who will be very angry). In extreme cases, those who abuse a Gift of Faith may even be targeted by an Angel of Death, or a Warrior Angel.

Spell-Like Abilities: One per round, at will: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Endure Elements (on another), Message, Protection From Arrows (on another), Shield (on another). Seven times a day they can Cure Light Wounds. Once a night they can send a Dream. In common with all Angels, a Guardian Angel can also use Improved Invisibility, Know Alignment, create Light, Polymorph Self, perform feats of Prestidigitation, and Teleport Without Error, all at will. They can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write and and understand all forms of communication; and can see perfectly regardless of illumination. Once a day, a Guardian Angel can Summon a fellow Guardian Angel (which, like all Summoned creatures, is not able to itself Summon another). All spell-like abilities have an effective caster level of 7.

Immune To Electricity: Like all Angels, a Guardian Angel cannot be harmed by Lightning or Electricity.