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Fairy Ointment

When rubbed into the eyes, this ointment grants True Seeing (as the Illusionist spell). Each application of ointment is effective for one day.

Fairy Ointment is commonly given by the Fairy Folk to mortals who do them some great service. The favored mortal decedents of Fairy Folk are also sometimes provided with Fairy Ointment, so they can interact with their Fairy ancestors without the Good Folk needing to manifest in front of ordinary people. Some few mortal Wizards and Druids also know how to concoct Fairy Ointment, although the Good Folk do not look kindly upon the substance being created or used without their permission.

Adventure Seed: For their service to the Fairy Queen of the Seelie Court, the adventurers are given Fairy Ointment. No sooner do they use it than they realize that the local Count, and his entire Court, are actually Devils in disguise. Now they must decide whether to try to bring down the popular Count (who is known for his public piety and good works), or try to otherwise profit from their knowledge. Perhaps the adventurers are so bold as to try to extort titles and grants of land in return for their silence…

Value: 5,000gp Experience: 500

Horseshoe of Protection

This enchanted horseshoe can either bring luck to a household, or protect it from evil spirits. It must first be nailed on, or next to, the front door of a home. If the horseshoe is affixed with its ends upwards, all occupants of a dwelling will receive a +1 bonus on all saving throws, for as long as they are inside the house. If the horseshoe is nailed with the ends downwards, it creates a zone of Protection From Evil within a 30′ diameter area of itself. Once a Horseshoe of Protection is affixed to a particular dwelling, it can only have the influence that was originally decided for it. The Horseshoe can be removed and affixed in a different manner on a different house, however.

Adventure Seed: A renowned Paladin and his faithful warhorse have not returned from their last battle against the forces of darkness. Now the quest for holy relics is on, and opportunists are competing to find the bodies so they can chop them up and sell the pieces to temples and alchemists. The most valuable find, however, are the warhorse’s shoes – they will function as Horseshoes of Protection if hung up.

Value: 8,500gp Experience: 1,000

Knotted Winds

Much desired by ship captains, knotted winds make possible speedy sailing whatever the weather. When acquired, Knotted Winds will appear to be a length of cord with 2-12 knots tied in it. Each knot binds a wind of a particular direction and intensity (determined randomly if the knotted wind is found as part of a treasure). When a knot is untied, the prevailing wind is changed for a period of 12 hours. Obviously, such an item can also be used to protect shorelines from unwanted vessels.

The direction of the wind contained in the knots can be determined with a d8:
1 – North
2 – Northeast
3 – East
4 – Southeast
5 – South
6 – Southwest
7 – West
8 – Northwest

The intensity of the wind can be determined with a d4:
1 – Slight
2 – Breezy
3 – Strong
4 – Gale

Adventure Seed: The adventurers set out on a long journey, for which the captain had purchased some Knotted Winds. When mutineers take control of the ship, however, they stupidly release the wrong winds. The ship is blown off course and wrecked on a strange island dominated by the ruins of a lost civilization. If the party can survive, acquire the remaining Knotted Wind from the mutineers, and somehow repair the ship (or make a new boat), they may be able to at least get home.

Value: 5,000 per knot Experience: 300 per knot

Ring of the Sovereign Mage (Artifact)

In ancient times, the legendary wizard-king known as the Sovereign Mage crafted a ring of unparalleled power. Renowned for his wisdom and learning, he was also an accomplished poet who numbered his lovers in the hundreds. Using the magic of his ring he forced an army of demons to build his capitol, and reduced mighty lords of the infernal realms to his personal servants. At length he was brought down by his pride, and through trickery a demon deprived him of his magic ring. The great Sovereign Mage lost his empire, and wandered the earth disguised as a simple laborer, while the demon reigned in his stead.

The Ring of the Sovereign Mage is reported to be crafted of iron and brass, and set with four gems. A pentagram is inscribed on its face, along with runes that are said to spell out the true name of the Lord of Hosts.

The Ring raises its owner’s Charisma to 20 for as long as it remains on his finger. Any Extraplaner creature (up to an including such things as elemental rulers, Demon Princes, and Arch-devils) that sees the ring must save versus Charisma or be effectively Charmed (as the spell). Even if they succeed, they must keep making saving throws each round for as long as they see the ring. If the Ring’s possessor manages to actually touch an Extraplaner creature with the ring, the subject is automatically Charmed without the benefit of a saving throw. In addition, when worn the Ring confers constant Protection From Evil, the ability to Speak with Animals, and the power to Charm Animals at will. Once per day the user can Summon a 12 HD Elemental of any type. All powers have an effective caster level of 30.

The Ring exacts a heavy price for its power. The user must spend an hour of each day in prayer and meditation, and make weekly sacrifices to the Lord of Hosts (or a the campaign’s equivalent deity of Lawful Good) totaling at least 10,000 gp worth of valuables and beasts. The user is prohibited from ever befitting from miracles (including healing magic, or magical items) created by the clerics of other deities, or druids. The user must also ensure that any spouse does not make offerings to a deity other than the Lord of Hosts. Failure to adhere to the Ring’s taboos, even once, will cause the artifact to seek its freedom from its master. The possessor may find that the ring becomes severed from his finger in a freak accident, or flies off in combat, or is lost when his hand is bitten off by a monster. If the ring is so lost, any creatures charmed by it will turn on their former master and seek his destruction.

Adventure Seed: Mad cultists have set loose the demonic Plague Lord that once slumbered in magical bondage beneath the Temple of the Lord of Hosts. Now the sole hope for the city (and the surrounding domains ruled by the player characters) is the recovery of the fabled Ring of the Sovereign Mage. Only its power can command the uncontrollable Plague Lord. Unfortunately, the Ring is said to be currently stuck inside the body of an ancient and enormous sea monster that ate the item’s former possessor .

Sleeping Potion

This odorless and tasteless poison is sometimes employed by thieves, assassins and kidnappers. A single drop placed in food or drink will cause a person who consumes it to save versus Constitution (Challenge Level 10) or fall into a deep slumber from which they cannot be awakened for a full 8 hours. A typical phial will contain 4-8 drops. A full drop must be used per person to be affected. If multiple drops are used against one person, they must make a separate save for each drop.

Naturally, making, selling, or using a Sleeping Potion is a capital offense in most nations. Legend speaks of even more powerful versions of Sleeping Potion, capable of inducing slumber that lasts for years, decades, or even centuries. Potions of such extreme power should be treated as artifacts.

Adventure Seed: The Baron’s daughter has been kidnapped, after someone slipped Sleeping Potion into the food at a castle banquet. The entire kitchen staff has subsequently been tortured and put to death, but the head cook has disappeared. Naturally he is now the only suspect. The adventurers are hired to capture or kill him, and bring the young lady back. In actuality, the Baron’s daughter arraigned her own kidnapping, so she could elope with the cook. She was smuggled out of the castle using a secret escape route that even the guards didn’t know about. Both the cook and the daughter have assumed new identities in a nearby city. If the party lets them go, the cook (who dabbles in simple alchemy) will teach the adventurers how to make Sleeping Potion. The daughter will also offer the party money to assassinate her father, in revenge for the constant beatings she suffered at his hands.

Value: 1,000gp Experience: 500