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Today’s Monster for Castles & Crusades is the Possessor Demon. In the coming days I will also post writeups for the various forms of Demoniacs (demonically possessed people, animals, corpses, and objects).

I’ve tried to stay pretty close to the lore with these monsters. Although minor and common by demonic standards, even a single Possessor Demon can strike fear into a party of low-level adventurers. Watch the PCs freak out as their allies, their mounts, the corpses of defeated enemies, and then even their own equipment, become in turn possessed by Demons! Just the things to inject a little horror into your fantasy. Also, the Demonic Fetishes allow the CK to introduce ersatz magical weapons whose use comes with a horrible price, and constant risk.

Remember that an encounter with a Possessor Demon, or any form of Demoniac, can quickly become an encounter with the monster in ALL its forms, as it jumps from one form of host to another.


SIZE: Medium
HD: 3-5 (d8)
MOVE: 90′ (fly)
AC: 13 (see below)
ATTACKS: 1 Slam (1d6) or 1 Slash (1d6)
SPECIAL: Iron or Magic Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Cold Resistance (Full), Acid Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Invisible, Incorporeal, Cold Presence, Possession, Subject To Turning, Holy Water Vulnerability, Spell Resistance 5, Spell-like Abilities
INT: Average
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
TYPE: Extraplaner
XP: 3 HD: 230+3 | 4 HD: 440+4 | 5 HD: 880+5

One of the most common forms of Demon, the terrible Possessor Demon is an incorporeal abomination that hungers to clothe itself in flesh. Although not especially powerful compared to other spirits, Possessor Demons infest the mundane world in vast numbers. There they cause endless chaos and suffering.

A Possessor Demon is naturally Invisible. Those who can perceive Invisible things (through True Seeing, for example) will see the Possessor Demon as a vaguely manlike shadow. Most creatures, however, will sense the presence of a Possessor Demon only by a distinct and otherwise inexplicable chill in the air.

The origin of these beings is unclear. Many seem to have once been the Lost Souls of twisted mortals whose time in the Outer Darkness has transformed them into Demons. Others appear to have always been Demons, swirling forth from dark Chaos itself.

Like all Demons, Possessor Demons delight in ruining the plans of both men and spirits. They will especially direct their attention to those who have been selected for greatness by the Cosmic Archons, virtuous people beloved by the Angels, or the subjects of Hell’s most intricate schemes. They strike without warning, or any seeming agenda other than causing confusion and catastrophe.

Possessor Demons dislike sunlight, but are not actually harmed by it. Like all Demons, they love to haunt ruins and wastelands, or any other place where the harmony and order of the Cosmos seems to have broken down.

Combat: Although it is naturally incorporeal, a Possessor Demon can physically attack in a number of ways. Commonly, it first uses Telekinesis to throw objects at its victims. If an opponent is within melee range, the Demon is capable of physically manifesting enough to attack either with a punch, or by causing myriad small cuts to appear on a victim’s flesh. Always, however, the Demon’s goal will be possession of an actual physical body.

Invisible: Possessor Demons are naturally Invisible, causing any being who is unable to perceive them to suffer a -4 penalty on to-hit rolls. Possessor Demons remain invisible while moving, attacking, or using their special abilities.

Incorporeal: Since they lack physical bodies, it is extremely hard to fight Possessor Demons in their natural forms. Only weapons that are magically enchanted, or crafted of pure, unalloyed iron, can harm them. Even then, all physical attacks inflict only half damage. A Demoniac being inhabited by a Possessor Demon, however, is affected by normal weapons.

Cold Presence: Like all Demons, Possessor Demons suck the heat out of any space they inhabit. Anyone coming with 30′ of a Possessor Demon will instantly notice a chill in the air. Although not severe enough to cause damage, this Cold Presence can alert people to the proximity of a Possessor Demon.

Possession: Once a round, in place of its normal action, a Possessor Demon may attempt to possess a creature, corpse, or object. If successful, the Demon joins with the subject, forming a Demoniac, Demoniac Beast, Demoniac Corpse, or Demoniac Fetish. Each form of Demoniac has unique characteristics.

Living victims who are targeted for Possession must save versus Charisma, with a Challenge Level equal to the Demon’s Hit Dice. Failure indicates that the Demon now inhabits and controls the creature’s body, turning it into either a Demoniac or Demoniac Beast. Only living creatures whose Hit Dice (or Levels) are equal to, or lesser than, the Demon’s own can be possessed.

The Demon can possess a corpse if it can succeed at a Challenge Level 3 Charisma Check. Upon success, the corpse is transformed into a Demoniac Corpse.

In order to possess an object the Demon must succeed at a CL 3 Charisma Check. A Demoniac Fetish will thus be created.

A Demoniac (whether person, beast, corpse, or fetish) has the Hit Point of the Possessor Demon within it. Damage to the Demoniac is also suffered by the Possessor Demon.

If a Demoniac is slain, the Possessor Demon inside is cast back into the Outer Darkness. Therefore, the Demon will almost always try to flee any possessed body before it is destroyed. Leaving a possessed body takes a full round, during which neither the Demoniac body, or the fleeing Possessor Demon, can take any other actions.

Subject To Turning: Like all Demons, Possessor Demons can be turned by Good and Lawful Clerics as if they were Unique Undead.

Holy Water Vulnerability: Holy Water burns Possessor Demons like acid, for 1d8 points of damage per vial.

Spell-like Abilities: One per round: Augury, Detect Thoughts, Sending, Telekinesis. In common with other Demons, a Possessor Demon can speak and understand all languages, see perfectly regardless of illumination, cause Darkness, perform feats of Prestidigitation, and instantly Know Alignment. A Possessor Demon can attempt to Gate in another Possessor Demon, with a 30% chance of success. All spell-like Abilities have an effective caster Level equal to the Demon’s Hit Dice.

Cold and Acid Immunity: A Possessor Demon is completely immune to cold or acid based attacks.