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Races & Class of Lore (Basic Text Edition) is now available for download. This free PDF collects six Races and six Classes intended for use with the Castles & Crusades RPG. All are inspired by classic folklore, mythology, legend and art.

The Races of Lore include:
CAMBION – The child of a human and an Infernal creature.
CHANGELING – A fairy replacement for an ordinary human.
DHAMPIR – The strange offspring of a living human and a Vampire.
NEPHIL – The product of a human mother and an Angelic father.
THERIANTHROPE – A hybrid of man and beast.
WOODWOSE – Savage, hirsute people who dwell on the fringes of civilization.

The Classes of Lore include:
BARE WARRIOR – A brave and savage fighter who eschews armor.
DEMON HUNTER – One who studies and hunts the horrors of the dark.
NATURAL PHILOSOPHER – A savant who works apparent miracles through superior knowledge of natural law.
POLYMATH – A multi-talented individual whose interests span the scope of human endeavor.
SCAVENGER – A feral survivalist, able to endure the most extreme environments.
WARRIOR-WIZARD – A combatant who combines magical mastery with martial skill

Add a touch of authentic lore to your Campaign with Races & Classes of Lore!