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The Bzou is inspired by the adversary in the earliest known form of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story, sometimes known as the “Tale of Grandmother”. The Bzou is a form of were-wolf, but differs significantly from the modern pop-culture conception of lycanthropes.

BZOU (Charming Wolfman)
A vicious wolf-man with an unusually charming demeanor.

SIZE: Medium
HD: 5 (d12)
MOVE: 40 ft.
AC: 16
ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d4), 2 Claws (1d3+3)
SPECIAL: Twilight Vision, Regeneration 1, Charming, Strong, Lustful
INT: Average (but High cunning)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
TYPE: Monstrous Humanoid
XP: 260+5

A Bzou is a human who has become overwhelmed by perverted desires and devolved into a bestial form. The Bzou retains its upright posture and humanoid shape, but it bears sharp claws and teeth, and a body covered in hair. The facial features have a lupine cast, and its ears are long and pointed. The eyes of a Bzou are human, but they seem to burn with unspeakable lust.

Unlike an ordinary Lycanthrope, a Bzou is not affected by the phases of the moon. Nor can they easily change back and forth between human and wolfman form. Once a human devolves into a Bzou, they remain in that form until their compulsions are satisfied, anywhere from a single night to a period of years. Bzous are solitary, never forming packs. Once a Bzou returns to its human form it loses all special abilities, becoming a normal person in every way. The person may not even remember the time they spent as a Bzou. Those bitten by a Bzou do not become Bzous themselves.

Bzous can speak, and they do so in a perfectly normal human voice. They are cunning creatures, and like to create elaborate traps for their human prey. They are also disturbingly attracted to young women, and will usually play twisted games with them before attacking.

Unlike a normal Lycanthrope, a Bzou is subject to attack from normal weapons. Bzous have their own set of unique powers and abilities, however.

Combat: A Bzou attacks withs its claws and teeth. They are perfectly capable of using weapons, but prefer the savagery of employing their natural weapons. On the other hand, it is not unknown for a Bzou to use a knife and fork to consume a victim that has already been felled.

Regeneration: A Bzou is hard to kill, regenerating at a rate of 1 hit point per round. They can no longer regenerate after being reduced to 0 hit points, however. Unlike a troll, they cannot re-bond severed limbs, although they can re-grow them over a period of a week.

Charming: Despites its bestial appearance, a Bzou is extremely persuasive. Anyone speaking with a Bzou must save versus Wisdom (Challenge Level 5) or be effectively under the effects of a Charm Person spell for a turn. Persons so affected can also be convinced that the Bzou is not actually a monster but instead a trusted figure (such as a guardsmen, or a grandmother). A Bzou will sometimes even wear the clothing of the figure it pretends to be. Bzous especially enjoy using their charm ability to trick ordinary people into engaging in cannibalism.

Strong: A Bzou is extraordinarily strong, having an equivalent Strength rating of 18. It receives a +3 modifier to all appropriate SEIGE checks and combat rolls.

Lustful: A Bzou is cunning, but entirely the thrall of its desires. If confronted by such temptations as a pretty woman or fresh raw meat, a Bzou must save versus Wisdom (challenge Level 5) or stop whatever it is doing to devote its attention to the temptation. A Bzou will even break off combat and subject itself to life-threatening situations in order to indulge its desires.