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Here’s a new spell for those who want to take a vacation from themselves! The inspiration is obviously Stevenson’s “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

ALTER-EGO, Level 2 Magician Ceremony, Level 6 Magician Talisman, Level 3 Wizard, Level 3 Illusionist
The caster temporarily becomes a different person.

The strange magic of the Alter-ego spell radically changes the appearance, abilities, and outlook of the user. The player generates a new character, with new Attributes. The character loses all abilities in his former Class, and gains all the abilities of the new Class. Likewise, while the character retains his memories regarding his personal identity and history, the character’s Alignment changes, possibly to one antithetical to his usual outlook. A player can also specify a different appearance for the Alter-ego. The Alter-ego must be the same Race as the original character, however.

Once chosen, an Alter-ego must be kept for the entire duration of the spell’s effect – the spell cannot be ended prematurely. An Alter-ego can be resumed on a subsequent casting of the spell, or an entirely new one can be created. The spell does not allow the caster to impersonate specific people, however.

There is a 1% chance per use that the Alter-ego permanently becomes the caster’s true identity, and the former identity becomes merely another potential Alter-ego.

When bound into a Talisman, the Alter-ego is assumed whenever the Talisman is worn. Removing the Talisman causes the former wearer to return to his usual self. When the Talisman is made for another person, the original caster specifies the characteristics of the Alter-ego.

When cast by Wizards or Illusionists, the Material Component is a bizarre drug with ingredients that costs 100 gp per dose.

Alter-ego is commonly brewed as a potion. Lore tells of seemingly good men who used Potions of Alter-ego to secretly indulge in unspeakable crimes. A potion of Alter-ego always contains a specific persona, predetermined by the brewer.

Players who plan on using the Alter Ego spell should keep separate character sheets for their various personae.

CT: 60 min | R: Personal | D: 30 minutes/Level
SV: None | SR: No | Cost: 40 gp

CT: 6 hours | R: Personal
SV:  None | SR: No | Cost: 3,600 gp

Wizard & Illusionist Spell:
CT: 1 | R: Personal | D: 30 minutes/Level
SV: None | SR: No | Comp: V, S, M

Potion of Alter-ego:
GP Value: 400 | Exp: 200

The Potion of Alter-ego is available to Mad Scientists as a Level 1 Invention.