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Book of the Restless Dead” collects 12 undead monsters adapted from folklore, legends, and art, and presented for use with the Castles & Crusades rpg. All were originally posted either on this blog, or on the Troll Lord Games Forums. Now they’re gathered together in a single frightful work!

Contents include:

Amorous Revenant

A corpse returned to pursue love amongst the living. Inspired primarily by the classical story of Philinnion.

Bloody Visage

A murderous spirit trapped in a mirror. Inspired by the American legend and child’s game of “Bloody Mary”.

Crawling Hand

A severed hand possessed by an evil spirit. A recurring motif in horror literature and movies.

Deluded Revenant

A walking corpse that refuses to believe it is dead. Inspired by Gullah folklore.

Phantom Traveler

A strange traveling companion who often utters secrets, and always disappears suddenly. Inspired by the plentiful legends of phantom hitchhikers.

Reclaiming Revenant

A restless corpse arisen to retrieve its property. Inspired by classic “jump” stories such as “The Golden Arm”.

Redemptive Spirit

An apparition who seeks to bring people back to the path of Good. Inspired by a certain well-loved tale of Christmas, itself part of an old English tradition of Yuletide ghost stories.

Screaming Skull

A haunted and malevolent skull. Inspired by English legends of screaming skulls attached to old manors.

Woman in White (Crying Woman)

A tragic phantom tied to waterways. Inspired primarily by the Mexican legend of La Llorona, as well as the numerous female ghosts that haunts ponds, lakes, and rivers worldwide.

Zombi Servant

A reanimated corpse employed as a slave. Inspired by the folklore of Haiti and New Orleans.

Zombie, Cerebrovore

A walking corpse who devours the brains of the living. Inspired by the zombie lore of modern pop-culture.

Zoomorphic Revenant

The restless spirit of a dead person, returned in animal form. Inspired by numerous old stories from both Celtic Europe and America.

Available  in the Downloads section of this blog.