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Bring the Angels and Devils of lore to your Castles & Crusades game with “Spirits of Heaven and Hell.”!

Spirits of Heaven and Hell” includes both “An Account of the Angels” and “A Directory of Devils”.

16 Celestial and Infernal beings in all, ranging from the tricky Pact Devil who makes deals at lonely crossroads, to the mighty Seraph, whose mere presence can burn mortal creatures to cinders.

Inspired by real-world legends, folklore, art, and mythology, they’ll give your games a touch of authenticity.

Also includes discussions of the Seven Heavens of the Blessed, and the Seven Hells of the Damned.

Download it now – Absolutely FREE!

Spirits of Heaven and Hell” is meant solely as an aid for role-playing games, and is neither a serious work of theology, or a commentary on any real-world religion or belief system.