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The Island Goatsucker represents the original Chupacabras of Puerto Rican legend, and is distinct in appearance and behavior from the Chupacabra later reported in Mexico and the American Southwest. While the latest reports of the Cupacabra depict it as resembling a mutated, mangy coyote, the creature of the original Puerto Rican accounts more closely resembled the “gray” alien of American UFO lore.

A blood-sucking humanoid monster that plagues ranchers on subtropical islands.

HD: 3 (d8)
MOVE: 30 ft, 10 ft. (Hop)
AC: 15
ATTACKS: 1 Claws (1d4), 1 Bite (1d6), + Blood Drain
SPECIAL: Drain Blood, Hop, Gaze Attack, Twilightvision, Darkvison 90 ft.
INT: Low
TYPE: Monstrous Humanoid
XP: 65+3

An Island Goatsucker appears to be a small (4 foot tall) vaguely humanoid creature with an over-sized, egg-like head and huge, slanted red eyes. No external ears or nose are apparent, but the creature has two nostril slits. Its mouth is filled with sharp teeth, and features a pair of protruding fangs. The creature’s legs are dog-like, and its hands and feet end is long talons. Its back appear to be covered in spines like a porcupine. The overall coloration of the creature is greenish-gray, but mottled with darker patches.

Island Goatsuckers tend to dwell on the outskirts of settled areas, where there are plenty of livestock for them to feed on. For some unknown reason they are particularly likely to haunt lands near star observatories.

Combat: Island Goatsuckers prefer to attack helpless animals under cover of darkness. They are vicious, but not particularly brave. They will quickly jump away if they encounter determined opponents.

Drain Blood: If a single creature is hit by all three of the Island Goatsucker’s attacks, it will automatically drain blood the next round, resulting in 1 point of Constitution damage. It will continue to drain blood every round unless the victim succeeds in a Strength check to break free (CR3)

Hop: An Island Goatsucker can hop up to 6 feet upwards and 10 feet forwards. They will often hop into a combat, and hop away if the battle goes against them.

Gaze Attack: The gaze of an Island Goatsucker causes Nausea unless the victim saves versus Constitution. Affected creatures will lose 1-4 points each of Strength and Dexterity until the Goatsucker leaves the vicinity.