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The Prairie Goatsucker represents the Mexican and mainland American Chupacabra, a coyote-like quadruped distinct from the more humanoid “El Chupacabras” of Puerto Rico (which is represented by the “Island Goatsucker”.) Why the beast changed form in its journey into Mexican folklore is unclear. Possibly, Mexicans (and Mexican-Americans) heard reports of the Puerto Rican creature on Spanish-language television, but failed to get (or remember) a complete description of the supposed monster. Perhaps seeing mangy and deformed coyotes and bears preying on goats and sheep in the night, the Mexican ranchers related their experiences to the reports from Puerto Rico. Of course, its more fun to believe that both beasts really exist.

Unless one owns livestock.

PRAIRIE GOATSUCKER (Mexican Chupacabra)
A lupine monster that haunts the plains, hungering for blood.

HD: 3 (d8)
MOVE: 50 ft
AC: 14
ATTACKS: 2 claws (1d3), 1 Bite (1d8)
SPECIAL: Trip, Scent, Drain Blood, Jump, Sulfurous Stench, Twilightvision, Darkvision 90 ft.
INT: Animal
TYPE: Beast
XP: 70+3

The Prairie Goatsucker resembles a large, hairless, and vaguely reptilian wolf in overall shape. Unlike a mundane wolf, a spiny ridge runs along the creature’s back, and a pair of large tusk-like fangs protrude from the sides of its mouth. The skin of the face is very tightly drawn over the skull, and the eyes are sunken into their sockets. When the beast opens its mouth a sharply pointed tongue can be seen. The claws are sharp like those of a cat, although not retractable. The creature’s tail is long and rat-like. The Prairie Chupacabra is usually grayish in overall color, although individual specimens can have a violet, blue, brown, or greenish cast.

The beast is nocturnal and solitary, preferring dry continental grasslands and scrubland (unlike the lush isles where the humanoid Island Goatsucker is found). Like the Island Goatsucker, the Prairie Goatsucker prefers to dwell on the edge of pastoral land, where it has a ready supply of domestic animals to eat. Unlike the more intelligent Island Goatsucker, however, the Prairie variety shows no particular interest in also living near astronomical observatories.

It is unclear if the Prairie Goatsucker is actually related to the Island variety, or if their shared traits are simply coincidental. Some sages speculate that both monsters share an origin in some strange corner of the Universe, among the stars.

Combat: The Prairie Goatsucker will only attack under cover of darkness, and only when it feels it has an advantage. In such circumstances it will emit its Sulfurous Stench, and swiftly pounce. It will try to grab a victim with its claws, and fasten its fangs in order to drink blood.

Trip: A Prairie Goatsucker can bring opponents to the ground in a manner similar to a wolf. Bitten opponents who fail a save versus Dexterity have been pulled off their balance, and will automatically lose imitative the next round

Drain Blood: If a single creature is hit by all three of the Prairie Goatsucker’s attacks, the beast will automatically drain blood the next round, resulting in 1 point of Constitution damage. It will continue to drain blood every round, unless the victim succeeds in a Strength check to break free (CR3)

Jump: The Prairie Goatsucker can jump up to 10 feet upwards and 20 feet forwards. It will often suddenly jump into a combat, and is just as quick to jump away if it encounters a challenging fight.

Sulfurous Stench: Once a day the Prairie Chupacabra can emit a smell equal in effect to a Stinking Cloud, although not obscuring sight in any way. The stench is only potentially hazardous for 3 rounds, but a smell of sulfur can linger in the area for a much longer time.