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The Monkeyman was the subject of a panic in the Indian city of Delhi in 2001. Monkeys are actually a common sight in Indian cities, but eyewitnesses insisted that what they saw was not an ordinary monkey, but a strange monkey-like monster wearing a helmet and bearing metal claws. The Monkeyman seemed to have no agenda but creating chaos, and some panicked people even fell to their deaths.

A bizarre amalgam of monkey and machine, sent to spread confusion.

SIZE: Small (4′ tall)
HD: 5
MOVE: 30′
AC: 15
ATTACKS: 1 bite (1d4), 2 claws (1d3) + Special
SPECIAL: Panic, Spell Like Abilities, Immune To Mind Magic
INT: High
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
TYPE: Construct

A Monkeyman is created by a high-level (and probably insane) Chaotic wizard from the body of an ape or large monkey, augmented with pieces of armor, clockwork appendages, and ornamental buttons and gemstones. No two Monkeymen look exactly the same. The composite body of a Monkeyman is inhabited by a spirit summoned from the planes of Chaos. Monkeymen are created to spread panic in Lawful societies, usually as the prelude to some even more nefarious scheme.

The process of creating a Monkeyman requires an outlay of at least 10,000 gp, plus the following spells: Dancing Lights, Alter Self, Invisibility, Jump, Animate Dead, and Summon Greater Monster.

Unlike other kinds of constructs, a Monkeyman is highly intelligent due to its inhabiting spirit. Although technically controlled by its creator, a Monkeyman cannot be used to perform any task but that of spreading chaos.

Combat: Monkeymen attack with a bite and two metal claws. They can use weapons, and sometimes do. Monkeymen can also use magic items. They are especially fond of Rods of Wonder, and the Rods never lose charges when used by Monkeymen.

Panic: Anyone struck by a Monkeyman must saves versus Wisdom or run screaming away from the creature for 1d10 rounds. Panicking creatures will be unable to perform any actions but running away and screaming “Monkeyman, Monkeyman”.

Spell-Like Abilities: Three times a day, a Monkeyman can use one of the following abilities: Dancing Lights, Alter Self, Jump, or Invisibility. All effects are as if from a 5th level caster.

Construct Immunities: Monkeymen are immune to all charms, illusions, and other mind-affecting magic.