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The Mothman was brought to prominence in “The Mothman Prophesies”, John Keel’s book describing the strange phenomena leading up to the tragic 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Sightings of the Mothman have subsequently been reported in areas across the globe.

A moth-like monster that taunts with predictions of unstoppable doom.

SIZE: M (6′-7′ tall)
HD: 8 (d8)
MOVE: 30 ft., 100 ft. (Fly)
AC: 16
ATTACKS: 2 Wing Buffets (d6)
SPECIAL: Prediction of Doom, Illusionist Spells, Sickening Aura, Curse, Immune to Normal Weapons, Twilightvision, Darkvision 120 ft, SR 10
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
TYPE: Extraplanar
XP: 1500+8

A Mothman is a 7-foot tall black figure, roughly man-like in shape, but with two moth-like wings where arms should be. When not flying, the folded wings seems to almost envelop the creature’s body. No neck is apparent, but the creature’s wide, seemingly squashed head appears to be set directly on its body. Two large glowing red eyes are the only facial features, and the creature does not appear to have any mouth, nose, or ears.

Mothmen do not speak, but communicate telepathically. They are able to understand all forms of spoken language, however. Anyone receiving telepathic communication from a Mothman will hear it  in their own language.

Combat: A Mothman will only physically attack if cornered. It prefers to use its spells instead, and will play with attackers for as long as possible rather than finish them off. A Mothman wants the people its encounters to live long enough to experience the doom it predicts.

Prediction of Doom: A Mothman will always give prophecies of impending doom, which will tend to be accurate in their broad outline, but inaccurate in their details. The Mothman will never give enough information to allow anyone to actually prevent the catastrophe it predicts. The creature seems to delight in causing panic, chaos, and misery.

Illusionist Spells: A Mothman can use magic as a 9th-level Illusionist.

Sickening Aura: The next day after encountering a Mothman, a creature must Save versus Constitution or suffer a strange debility. Creatures so affected will lose 1 point of Constitution, and will feel weak and nauseous They may suffer from apparent burns around the eyes, reddened eyes, and may even bleed from their ears, nose, or eyes. Afflicted characters must Save again on each subsequent day for up to another 7 days, or lose an additional point of Constitution that day. A successful Save on any day ends all further Constitution loss, and allows lost points to heal back at the normal rate. A Cure Disease or similar effect can prevent the sickness, or end its progression.

Curse: Once per day a Mothman can Bestow Curse (as the cleric spell) as a spell-like ability.

Immune To Normal Weapons: Mothmen are immune to all non-magical weapons and attacks.