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The Owlman is based on a series of encounters reported by girls in Cornwall, England during the spring and summer of 1976. There have been intermittent sightings of the creature since that time.

An amalgam of man and owl that carries off young women.

HD: 6 (d10)
MOVE: 30 ft., 80 ft (Fly)
AC: 15
ATTACKS: 1 Bite (1d6), or 2 Talons (1d12)
SPECIAL: Grab and Drop, Twilightvision,
INT: Low
TYPE: Beast
XP: 240+6

An Owlman is a man-sized creature with a body like a human, but the tufted head, wings and feet of a gray owl. Its eyes glow red. No arms are apparent, although there appear to be claw-like hands on the wings. Its talons are deep black, and extremely sharp. The creature makes a horrible hissing noise when agitated.

There appears to be some connection between the Owlmen and Mothmen, although former lack the magical abilities of the latter. Owlmen have a noted attraction to young females, and will always seek to carry them off. It is rumored that some Owlmen serve powerful lords of the Fey and Fairy Folk, and their abductions of girls are done at their masters’ behest.

Owlmen can carry up to 150 lbs in weight while flying.

Combat: On the ground, Owlmen attack with a bite for 1-6 points of damage. If they can fly over their opponents, then they will claw with their talons for 1-12 points of damage. Owlmen will only attack men and adult women with an intention to harm; girls and young women will instead be carried off. The creature will typically fly over a girl and attempt to grapple her. If it succeeds, the girl takes no damage, but the Owlman will abscond with her. Other opponents, however, will be grabbed and dropped, if the Owlman can carry them aloft.

Grab and Drop: If both talons hit for damage on a flying attack, the Owlman will grab hold of its prey. On the round thereafter the Owlman will attempt to lift its victim into the air, and drop it from a height. A victim is entitled to a Strength check to break free of the creature’s grasp on the round before the Owlman can lift him.