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The Maniac Revenant is obviously an interpretation of the iconic (or even stereotypical) psycho killer of modern “Slasher” films. I’ve given it abilities that will cause encounters with the creature to resemble the action in such movies. Everyone suddenly becomes stupid once they encounter the killer, only the abstinent are safe, somehow the killer manages to get in front of you when you’re running away from him, and you can never be sure the maniac is actually dead. Of course, a prostitute-hating Maniac Revenant could also be encountered in a Victorian Gothic campaign, haunting the East End of London. Perhaps young lovers need to be on the lookout for a deathless madman with a hook in place of a hand…

MANIAC REVENANT (Slasher, Ripper)
A relentless killer undeterred by death.

10 (d12)
30 ft.
10 (or by armor type)
1 Weapon (by weapon type, + bonuses due to Strength and using a Signature Weapon)
Cause Stupefying Fear, Signature Weapon, Maniac Strength, Hide, Dimension Door, Track, Hatred of Sex, Prohibited Prey, Reanimation, Fatal Weakness, Limited Undead Traits, Twilightvision
Low – Exceptional
Lawful Evil
Undead (Unique)

Maniac Revenants, also known as Slashers and Rippers, are former human murderers who have undergone a mysterious change that transforms them into nearly unstoppable killing machines. They still look basically human. A Maniac Revenant appears to have a pulse, to breathe and otherwise to be alive. A Maniac Revenant does not age, however, nor does one need to sleep, drink, or eat (although some may consume human flesh as a compulsion, in the manner of a Ghoul). Maniac Revenants are not affected by sunlight in any way, and can be damaged by poison and noxious gases. Otherwise, they have most of the traits common to the Undead. Most disturbing is the Maniac Revenant’s ability to reanimate after being apparently killed.

Every Maniac Revenant once experienced a trauma (such as a personal loss, or extreme abuse) that drove them mad, and turned them into a killer. The Maniac Revenant’s obsession with their past trauma ultimately costs him his soul, but binds his mind to his body. He becomes literally unable to die, and compelled to continue murdering. For reasons unknown, most Maniac Revenants are male.

Maniac Revenant often wear a mask, helmet, or other disguise. It is not unusual for a Maniac Revenant to hide a deformed visage under their mask. Some Maniac Revenant go so far as to wear masks made of other people’s faces, or even wear human skins as clothing or armor. Likewise, a Maniac Revenant’s body may show the evidence of many deaths and subsequent reanimations.

A Maniac Revenant’s lair will usually bear witness to their madness, and frequently features some kind of personal shrine relating to their past trauma. For example, a Maniac Revenant that killed his mother may keep one of her body parts in a jar of alcohol, while one who was disfigured by his first love may have a dress she wore,  propped up and surrounded by candles.

Combat: Maniac Revenants are relentless combatants with an irresistible compulsion to murder. If they retreat it is only to gain a tactical advantage. They will usually stalk their victims from the shadows, in order to attack with surprise. The Maniac Revenant’s ability to Cause Stupefying Fear means that its opponents will often do incredibly stupid things, all but guaranteeing that the Slasher will kill them.

Cause Stupefying Fear: The first time a person encounters a Maniac Revenant she must Save versus Wisdom or temporarily lose 1d4 points of both Intelligence and Wisdom due to extreme terror. The Attribute loss persists for as long as the Slasher pursues the victim. If the Maniac Revenant is killed (however temporarily) or turns from pursuit of a potential victim, that person regains their lost Intelligence and Wisdom, and is thereafter immune to Stupefying Fear from any Maniac Revenant.

Signature Weapon: Every Maniac Revenant has a particular weapon or class of weapons that he favors, and will use whenever possible. Typical choices include hooks, saws, machetes, axes, surgical tools, and pickaxes. Similar to the benefits of a Fighter’s Weapon Specialization, Maniac Revenants enjoy a +2 bonus to hit and damage when using their Signature Weapons.

Maniac Strength: Maniac Revenants have Strength scores of 20, and enjoy a +4 bonus attacks and damage in melee, as well as to Saving throws and Attribute checks.

Hide: Maniac Revenants can Hide as a 10th Level Rogue with Dexterity as a Prime Attribute.

Dimension Door: Once a day a Maniac Revenants can use Dimension Door, typically to appear in front of a victim he is chasing. Typically, the victim will think she has lost the Maniac Revenant, only to turn a corner and be confronted with the monster.

Track: A Maniac Revenant has the Tracking ability of an 10th Level Ranger with Wisdom as a Prime Attribute.

Hatred of Sex: A Maniac Revenant will always target those who have recently engaged in sexual activity, before any other potential victims. Maniac Revenants of either gender are particularly apt to target attractive young women with large breasts and loose morals. Maniac Revenants are drawn to places commonly used for assignations, such as scenic lookouts, alleyways, inns, and parked coaches.

Prohibited Prey: Each Maniac Revenant has a type of person that he will not attack. Examples of Prohibited Prey can include children, clergy, or poor people. The Prohibited Prey will often be a type of person who once tried to help the Maniac Revenant, or who the Maniac Revenant identifies with, depending on the nature of the Maniac Revenant’s past trauma.

Reanimation: Unless a Maniac Revenant’s body is completely destroyed (by fire, acid, disintegration, or similar means), killing him simply causes his body to become dormant for a period of time. The period of dormancy can last anywhere from a few minutes to years, but the Maniac Revenant will inevitably return. Even such normally final deaths as beheading or the removal of major organs will not end a Maniac Revenant who retains his body otherwise intact. The only way to permanently kill a Maniac Revenant without obliterating the body is to exploit his Fatal Weakness.

Fatal Weakness: Each Maniac Revenant has a unique way in which they may be permanently killed. The Fatal Weakness is usually connected in some way to the trauma that created the Maniac Revenant. Examples of Fatal Weaknesses include:

  • Can be killed by a particular type of person (such as a virgin or True Innocent).
  • Can be killed with a particular object (such as his own Signature Weapon).
  • Can be killed at a particular time of day (such as the time he was born)
  • Can be killed in a particular place (such as his childhood home)

Limited Undead Traits: Maniac Revenant are immune to paralysis, Sleep, and all mind-affecting magic, such as Charm and Fear spells. Unlike other Undead, they can be poisoned, and affected by gases. Maniac Revenant so killed, however, will simply reanimate at a later date. If the CK uses a system of Critical Hits, Maniac Revenants are subject to them.