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A terror of Victorian England, sightings of Spring-Heeled Jack occurred throughout the 19th Century. As such creatures often do, he had a propensity for frightening and attacking young women.

A leaping trickster with a diabolical appearance.

HD: 6 (d8)
MOVE: 40 ft., Leap 40 ft. In Any Direction.
AC: 20
ATTACKS: 2 Claws (1d4)
SPECIAL: Flaming Breath, Alter Footprints, Enchanted Boots, Twilightvision
INT: High
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
TREASURE: 6 (+ Special)
XP: 300+6

A Spring-Heeled Jack resembles a well-dressed, but fiendish, human man. A pair of short horns grow from his forehead. His eyes seems to be ablaze, while blue and white flames leap from his mouth. He wears a goatee beard. His fingers end in steel claws, and he appears to be shod with a pair of ornate boots.

Despite their infernal appearance, Spring-Heeled Jacks are not actually Devils or Demons, but Fey. While other Fey avoid human cities and towns, Speing-Heeled Jacks love them. The more orderly, prudish, and arrogant the settlement, the more a Spring-Heeled Jack will feel compelled to visit it and spread confusion.

A Spring-Heeled Jack’s body has the appearance of flesh, but the feel of metal. Weapons that strike one will create a ringing sound, as if striking an opponent in full plate armor.

Combat: A Spring-Heeled Jack attacks with his clawed hands for 1-4 points of damage. The creature will always try to use both claw attacks upon a single opponent, in order to use his Flaming Breath. He will also employ his leaping abilities to good use, quickly bounding away from a losing battle. Upon his death, a Spring-Heeled Jack will disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving behind only his ornate enchanted boots.

Flaming Breath: If both claw attacks succeed, A Spring-Heeled Jack will grab hold of his victim and breathe a gout of flames, for 1-8 points of damage.

Alter Footprints: A Spring-Heeled Jack can alter his footprints to confuse potential trackers. He can make his tracks to be half or twice their actual size, make them appear to be moving in the opposite direction, or even leave the footprints of an animal. Spring-Heeled Jacks are particularly fond of leaving the prints of a goat in snow or mud.

Enchanted Boots: A Spring-Heeled Jack’s boots will function as Boots of Striding and Springing if taken and worn, but there is a 10% chance per use that the user will himself be transformed into a Spring-Heeled Jack for the remainder of the day. A Spring-Heeled Jack’s boots cannot be removed while he lives.