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The Swamp Ape is inspired by modern legends of smelly, semi-aquatic ape-men, such as the Florida Skunk Ape.

A shaggy, ape-like biped with a horrible smell.

SIZE: Medium (6 -7′ Tall)
HD: 4
MOVE: 30 ft., 20 ft (Swim)
AC: 14
ATTACKS: 1 Slam (1d4+5)
SPECIAL: Stench, Hold Breath, Protective Rage, Twilightvision
INT: Low
TYPE: Monstrous Humanoid
XP: 80+4

A Swamp Ape is a brown, hairy biped slightly larger than a man. Unlike other apes, they walk completely upright. They dwell in swamps and muddy waterways in every clime, preferring to travel by walking along the beds of rivers and streams. Their hair is constantly matted and muddy, and is often covered with leaves, branches, and other detritus of the swamp. Swamp Apes constantly exude a horrible smell like rotten food.

If more than 1 Swamp Ape is encountered, the group is 50% likely to be a mated pair and their offspring. Male and female Swamp Apes have identical stats. Treat the remaining young as 2 HD monsters, who attack for 1d2+2 points of damage.

Swamp Apes are omnivorous scavengers, but prefer a plant-based diet. They will not deliberately kill living animals for food, but will eat carrion.

Combat: Swamp Apes are extremely strong, but not normally aggressive. They will never attack first, unless their young are threatened.

Stench: The stench of a Swamp Ape is quite noticeable to a range of 60 feet. While this makes it impossible for Swamp Apes to achieve surprise, it also make it very difficult to fight them. For very round that a PC stand within 10 feet of a Swamp Ape, they must make a Constitution Save or spend the next round vomiting from nausea. Nauseated characters cannot attack, although they can still defend themselves. Nauseated characters still get a new saving throw every round, to see if they can throw off the nausea for the next round.

Hold Breath: Much like dolphins, Swamp Apes can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes at a time. Swamp Apes are effectively immune to the effects of inhaled gases while holding their breath.

Protective Rage: If a creature threatens their young, Swamp Apes will fly into a berserk rage, suffering a -2 to their Armor Class, but gaining an additional +2 to the damage inflicted by their slam attack (for a total of +7).


Red-eyed Apes are an aggressive subspecies of Swamp Apes. They are distinguished by three characteristics:

  • Glowing red or orange eyes.
  • Three-toed feet that leave distinctive tracks.
  • A violent disposition and carnivorous habits, unlike the shyer Swamp Apes.

Red-eyed Apes are otherwise identical to Swamp Apes.