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The following two magic items are inspired by the Vodun lore of Haiti and New Orleans. Zombi Bottles are sometimes employed as a protection against evil spirits, while Zombi Powder has only evil uses.  Both are used in the creation of Zombi Servants.


Zombi Bottle

A Zombi Bottle can take many forms, from a stoppered glass flask to a decorated gourd. Whatever its shape, the Zombi Bottle is used to trap souls.

If an empty Zombi Bottle is opened in the presence of a non-corporeal Undead (such as Wraith, Ghost, or Spectre), the creature must make a Mental Saving throw (with CL equal to the Level of the bottle’s possessor), or be sucked inside the bottle. People who own such a bottle will sometime leave it open next to them as they sleep, as a trap for any wandering phantoms. Once an Undead spirit is trapped in a Zombi Bottle it becomes the slave of the bottle’s possessor, and once a night it can be commanded to to leave the bottle, perform a service, and return to its prison. Such a servant is called a Zombi Astral, and Zombi Bottles already inhabited by Zombi Astrals are sometimes sold by unscrupulous necromancers. Care must be taken that an inhabited Zombi Bottle is never broken, or the imprisoned spirit will revenge itself upon its former master.

Alternately, a Zombi Bottle can be used to trap the soul of a living person, usually as a preliminary step in the creation of a Zombi Servant. The owner of the Zombi Bottle must open the bottle in the presence of the potential victim, and say the person’s name. The victim receives a Charisma Saving throw, with a CL equal to the Level of the Bottle’s possessor. If the Save fails, the victim’s soul is drawn into the Zombi Bottle, and he will thereafter regard whoever holds the bottle as if under the influence of a Charm Person spell. If such a victim is thereafter killed with Zombi Powder, he will become a Zombi Servant under the control of whoever possesses the Zombi Bottle. If a victim is slain by means other than Zombi Powder, their soul becomes a Zombi Astral (usually equal to a Wraith)

Witches with no interest in creating actual Zombi Servants will often employ Zombi Bottles to create living love slaves, either for their own use, or to be sold. As with incorporeal spirits, breaking a Zombi Bottle frees the soul inside.

A Zombi Bottle’s possessor can choose to free any soul trapped inside a Zombi Bottle by opening it and stating that the soul is free.

Obviously, creatures with no souls (such as Elves) are immune to the effects of a Zombi Bottle.

Value: Empty – 8,500 gp; Filled: 8,500 + 1,000gp per Hit Die or Level of creature or person.

Experience: 3,000

If the CK uses the Magician class, Create Zombi Bottle is a 5th Level Ceremony.


Zombi Powder

Zombi Powder is a deadly magical poison used primarily in the creation of Zombi Servants, but sometimes employed for simple assassinations. There are two kinds of the poison. The primary kind of Zombi Powder is made with recipe that is a closely guarded secret of certain necromancers, and includes puffer-fish, toad skins, and certain plants. The secondary form of Zombi Powder can be made cheaply, by grinding up the bones of those slain with the primary form. In fact, sorcerers will often make a small supply of the primary form, then use it to go on a murder spree in order to harvest a large amount of Zombi Powder from the bodies of the victims.

Zombi powder can be administered either in food and drink, or by being blown into a victim’s face. The effects are horrible either way. The victim must Save versus Poison or be slain instantly. Even if a victim successfully Saves, they must Save again to avoid being completely Paralyzed for a 12-24 hours thereafter. Zombi Powder is so virulent in fact that it is hazardous to those who employ it. Anyone (other than a Leveled Assassin) handling or administering Zombi Powder must Save versus Dexterity or inadvertently dose themselves with the terrible substance. Even the sorcerers who make Zombi Powder are often slain by it.

If a victim is slain by Zombi Powder while their soul is trapped (usually in a Zombi Bottle), the victim becomes a Zombi Servant under the control of whoever holds his soul.

Needless to say, employing Zombi Powder in any form is an intensely evil act. Those involved with it can expect the most severe punishments at the hands of the civil authorities – except, of course, in those places where such people are the civil authorities.

Value: Primary – 1,000gp per dose; Secondary – 1 gp per dose

Experience: 900

If the CK uses the Magician class, Create Zombi Powder is a 5th Level Ceremony. The Ceremony creates the primary form of the poison. The secondary form can be made by anyone who can locate a corpse slain with the primary Zombi Powder, and who possesses a strong stomach. Secondary Zombi Powder is thus often sold by Grave Robbers.