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Zombi Potion is another magic item inspired by the Vodun lore of Haiti and New Orleans. It is used primarily in the creation of high-quality Zombi Servants that are not unnecessarily offensive to see or smell.


Zombi Potion

Zombi Potion is strange magical drug that halts decomposition, restores a semblance of life to a corpse, and ensure obedience of the reanimated person.

If Zombi Potion is poured into the mouth of a corpse that retains some flesh, the body is raised as a non-intelligent Zombie under the permanent control of its creator. If, however, the corpse was of a person who had been slain by Zombi Powder, and whose soul is contained in a Zombi Bottle, than the corpse will instead rise as a true Zombi Servant.

Administration of the Zombi Potion is not strictly necessary to the creation of a Zombi Servant – it is actually enough to steal the soul and slay the victim with Zombi Powder. The corpse will eventually dig itself out of its grave, seeking out the holder of its soul. Creating Zombi Servants in such a way is considered sloppy, however, and the mark of an amateur. Employing Zombi Potion allows the necromancer to raise his servant before rotting occurs, and ensures that any vestige of independent will is destroyed. It is essential if the Zombi is to used as a house servant or concubine, for example. Otherwise, the Zombi Servant may suffer from the ill effects of decomposition, being unpleasant to behold, and worse to smell. Therefore, any necromancer who takes pride in his craft will always finish his creation with Zombi Potion.

Any living being that tastes Zombi Potion must immediately Save versus Constitution or be driven permanently insane.

Value: 700 gp

Experience: 500

If the CK uses the Magician class, Create Zombi Potion is a 5th Level Ceremony.