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Perhaps best known from the Robert Johnson song “Hellhounds On My Trail,” Hot Foot Powder is a staple of African-American Hoodoo.

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is used to keep unwanted people away from a person or area. It is used in a manner similar to to Goofer Dust, but does not actually harm its object.

If Hot Foot Powder is sprinkled onto the ground, it will act as an Antipathy spell against one specific person named at the time the powder is applied. A single packet of the Powder is sufficient to create a circle around a 400 square foot structure, or can be evenly sprinkled across an equivalent surface area.

When a whole application of Hot Foot Powder is sprinkled on the dirt of a person’s (or creature’s) footprint, that person will thereafter regard the sprinkler as if under the effects of an Antipathy spell. Applying the Powder to a person’s clothing or shoes will have the same effect. Hot Foot Powder is often used in such a way to rid oneself of unwanted lovers.

An application of Hot Foot Powder can only affect one specific person or creature named when the substance is used. The subject receives a Saving Throw, with the Level of the Powder’s user as the Challenge Level. The effect of Hot Foot Powder is permanent, but can be removed with Dispel Magic and similar effects.

Hot Foot Powder is made with a combination of various hot spices, and minerals such as sulfur. It is usually found contained in a pouch or bag of some form.

Value: 700 gp

Experience: 500

If the CK uses the Magician class, Create Hot Foot Powder is a 5th Level Ceremony. Only one application’s worth can be created at a time.

Adventure Seed: Lord Sleepsaround’s peasant lover has finally had enough of his philandering ways, so she sprinkles Hot Foot Powder around her cottage to keep him away. Ordinary, Lord Sleepsaround would just move on, but he’s expected to slay some local monster, and he left his heirloom magic sword next to the young woman’s bed! Needing to keep the whole affair private, he quietly hires adventurers to get the ancient sword back. What should be an easy job suddenly turns complicated when the adventurers encounter the woman’s’ new lover – a powerful Conjure Man from the Southern Kingdoms.