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Typical Events in a Gothic Story
An Abduction
The Black Sabbath
A Blizzard
A Circus
A Costumed Religious Procession
A Deal With the Devil
A Disembodied Voice is Heard
A Dissection
A Door Opens By Itself
A Drowning
An Earthquake
An Empty Suit of Armor Moves
An Erotic Dance
An Execution
An Exhumation
A Forced Internment in a Convent or Monastery
A Forced Wedding
A Fortune Reading
A Game of Cards or Dice
A Ghost Appears
An Improbable Transformation
A Lightning Strike
A Masquerade Ball
A Murder
An Opium-Induced Dream
A Portrait Being Painted
A Prisoner is Rescued
A Protracted Illness
A Puppet Show (Marionettes, Dummies, or Shadow Puppets)
A Purse-Snatching
A Room Becomes Inexplicably Cold
A Salon is Held
A Secret Room or Passage is Discovered
A Sham Trial
A Skeleton Moves
A Statue Walks
A Story is Told by a Fire
A Stranger Knocks on the Door
A Strange Letter is Delivered
A Thunder Storm
A Vampire Attack
A Violation
A Wolf Attack