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Typical Gothic Characters
The Bandit With a Code of Honor
The Beautiful Gypsy Woman
The Black Widow
The Boastful Man Who Challenges the Devil
The Brutal Ruffian
The Circus Freak
The Criminal Anatomist
The Cruel Relative
The Deformed Henchman
The Deluded Heretic
The Depraved Religious Figure
The Deranged Demoniac
The Desperate Debtor
The Desperate Drug Fiend
The Diseased or Deformed Beggar
The Disgusting Cannibal
The Duplicitous Conspirator
The Evil Nobleman
The Exotic Slave
The Feisty Woman Disguised As a Man
The Femme Fatale
The Frightened Innkeeper
The Gentle Giant
The Gentleman With A Troubled Past
The Glib Philosopher
The Greedy Banker
The Gypsy Fortune Teller
The Haughty Patron of the Arts
The Ignored Prophet
The Immoral Foreigner
The Imprisoned Wife
The Innocent Maiden
The Insidious Succubus/Incubus
The Insightful Clown
The Knowing Madman
The Lawyer With a Secret Agenda
The Lonely Vampyre
The Long-Lost Heir With a Murky Past
The Long-Suffering But Dutiful Servant
The Love-Struck Devil
The Mad Scientist
The Murderous Husband
The Mysterious Stranger At the Door
The Noble Savage
The Obsessive Demon Hunter
The Old Tinkerer With a Strange Artifact
The Opportunistic Body Snatcher
The Orphaned Governess or Nanny
The Pathetic Child Beggar
The Repentant Sinner
The Ruthless Ship-Wrecker
The Scheming Stepmother
The Self-Made Man Whose Past Is a Lie
The Senile Dowager
The Sinister Dwarf
The Sophisticated Courtesan
The Stalwart Huntsman
The Starving Peasant
The Stubborn Skeptic
The Stuffy Academic
The Suicidal Lover
The Swashbuckling Pirate
The Tormented Artist
The Tribesman With Savage Customs
The Tricky, Pact-Making Devil
The Twisted Necromancer
The Vain Seductress
The Virtuous, But Disinherited Nobleman
The Vulgar Drunk
The Werewolf Horrified By Himself
The Wicked Libertine