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Characteristic Gothic Locations
A Blasted Tree
A Cave
A Crossroads
A Dark Forest
A Dark Lake
The Gallows or Hanging Tree
A Gypsy Camp
A Hill On An Otherwise Level Plain
A Miasmal Swamp
The Moors
A Narrow, Crooked Street
An Old Battlefield.
An Overgrown Garden
A Plantation
A Refuse Dump
A Road Through The Wilderness
The Site Of A Legendary Crime
A Slave Market
A Stark Mountain Side
A Well
An Isolated Village

Gothic Buildings & Structures
An Ancient Abbey
An Asylum
A Black Passenger Carriage
A Brothel
A Dark Castle
A Drawing Room
A Gambling House
A House Built On the Site Of An Ancient Temple
An Inn Filled With Unfriendly People
A Manor House
An Old Convent
An Old Mill
An Opium Den
A Prison
A Ruined Temple
A Seemingly Deserted Ship
The Sewers
A Slaughterhouse
The Stables
A Theater
A Wax Museum
A Wrecked Ship

Gothic Parts of Buildings
The Ball Room
The Catacombs
The Cells
The Concealed Chamber of Magic
The Forbidden Wing Of An Ancestral Home
The Forgotten Nursery
The Harem
The Initiation Chamber
The Laboratory
A Locked Tower
The Obscenely-Decorated Bedchamber
The Operating Theater
The Orgy Chamber
The Oubliette
The Secret Hiding Place In The Hearth
Secret Passages
The Sickbed.
The Torture Chamber
The Trophy Room
The Walled-Up Room
The Wine Cellar