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Characteristically Gothic Objects
An Anatomical Venus
An Automation
A Blood-Stained Dagger
A Book Of Anatomy
A Cameo
A Cerement, or Burial Shroud
A Cloak
A Coffin
A Corpse Eaten By Animals
A Deck Of Fortune-Telling Cards
A Dissected Corpse
A Dummy
An Elaborate Bed
An Exotic Weapon
A Festival Mask
A Grimoire
An Iron Maiden
Jars Filled With Strange Objects
A Lady’s Fan
A Legendary Gem
A Locket
A Marionette
A Memoir Filled With Disturbing Revelations
A Mounted Animal Head
A Mummified Hand
A Murdered Corpse
A Pipe Organ
A Portrait
A Ring With a Hidden Compartment
A Robe
A Skeleton
A Skull
A Spyglass
A Suit Of Armor
A Sword
A Vial of Poison
A Wax Sculpture
A Wedding Gown
A Wheel Of Fortune
A Whip
An Unusual Mirror
Used Surgical Instruments