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WITCH’S MOUNT, Level 4 Magician Incantation, Level 2 Magician Ceremony, Level 6 Magician Talisman, Level 4 Wizard, Level 4 Cleric
Confers strength and flying ability on a humanoid, and compels them to serve as a mount or beast of burden

This powerful work of maleficium forces a single humanoid victim to become the mount of a witch. The subject is entitled to a Charisma saving throw. If they fail, they are under the witch’s control. Controlled people will allow the witch to ride on their back or shoulders, and can be directed as if they were horses. The mount so bewitched retains his or her natural humanoid shape, but is granted the following abilities:

  • Flight (as per the Fly spell),
  • Base movement speed of 60 ft.,
  • Carrying capacity equal to a riding horse (i.e. 150 lbs as a light load, 300 lbs as a medium load, 450 lbs as a heavy load.).

Powerful witches and warlocks will use the Witch’s Mount spell to fly to their gatherings, or simply for their own amusement. Both they and their Infernal patrons consider this to be a better mode of transportation than a simple Flying charm, due to the misery it inflicts upon the hapless mount. Alternately, the spell can also be used to turn unlucky people into virtual draft animals, who can then be harnessed to help plow fields or drag heavy loads. A Witch’s Mount can only be used in any way that a normal mount or draft animal would be. They are not compelled to fight on behalf of their new mistress, for example. If actually attacked, they can defend themselves.

Like many other works of maleficium, the spell cannot take effect before nightfall, and lasts until dispelled by the rays of the rising sun. A victim’s memories of the time they spent as a Witch’s Mount will be hazy, and the entire experience will seem to have been a dream.

The Talisman version of the Witch’s Mount spell is particularly insidious, as it creates an item which transforms the victim if it is worn at night. If the Talisman is worn during the day, it will have no effect, but as soon as night falls the hapless victim becomes a Witch’s Mount.

Damage: 4 Points Subdual | R: 1 Victim | D: From sunset until dawn
SV: Chr. negates | SR: Yes

CT: 60 min | R: 1 Victim | D: From sunset until dawn
SV: Chr. negates | SR: Yes Cost: 40 gp

CT: 6 hours | R: Personal | D: From sunset until dawn
SV: Chr. negates | SR: Yes Cost: 3,600 gp

Wizard & Cleric Spell
CT: 1 | R: 1 Victim | D: From sunset until dawn
SV: Chr. negates | SR: Yes | Comp: V, S, M
The material component is a small human-shaped doll made of wax  and  wearing a miniature bit and bridle.