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Today we give you the first in series of classic adversaries to expand the list of creatures in the Ghastly Affair role-playing game.

Living Gargoyle
A bizarre decoration brought to horrible life

Creature Class: Monster
Number Appearing: 1 – 4
Initial Impression: A winged stone sculpture that grotesquely combines various human and bestial features
Size: Man-sized

Perversity: 20
Disposition: Aggressive
Charisma: 8 Intelligence: 6 Wisdom: 12
Strength: 16 Dexterity: 12 Constitution: 20
Speed: 10 walking, 15 flying

Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1 in font (claws, bite, & gore), 1 on side or back (wings and tail)
Special Abilities: Darkvision, Immune to Normal Weapons, Impersonate Statue, Superior Vision
Weaknesses: None
Assets: Watchful
Afflictions: None
Preternatural Powers: None

Natural Habitat: Old stone buildings and ruins, especially ancient churches and medieval castles.
Level: 5

A Living Gargoyle is usually created by a sorcerer using a variation of the Enchant Weird Object Ceremony. Using the spell on an existing decorative gargoyle permanently binds a demonic spirit into the rock, transforming it from an ordinary stone statue into an extremely territorial guardian. On certain occasions, however, the concentrated anger or hatred of a sculptor working on a gargoyle is enough to animate his creation with a spirit of pure malice.

Anyone but the Living Gargoyle’s creator who comes near it will be subject to the monster’s vicious attacks. The creator can also use a Living Gargoyle as an assassin or protector, but the abomination is difficult to control, and prone to commit acts of destruction undesired by its master. After death of its maker a Living Gargoyle becomes completely free to indulge its endless hunger for the infliction of pain and misery. Sometimes a group of free-willed Living Gargoyles will gather together to terrorize an area, before they inevitably turn on and destroy each other.

When they fight, Living Gargoyles are capable of separately attacking opponents in front of them (with their claws, bite, and horns if they have any) and to their side or rear (with their wings, and tail if present).

Living Gargoyles do not eat, breath, sleep, or perform any other bodily functions. They attack and shred human beings on orders from their creator, or their own amusement, not to sustain themselves. They prefer to operate in darkness, but sunlight doesn’t harm them in any way.

Although a Living Gargoyle is animated by a demonic essence, the resulting creature does not have the usual Demonic Characteristics, nor it is subject to Preternatural Effects that summon, bind, or otherwise affect Spirits. One can be summoned and controlled with the Conjure Monster III effect, however. Due to their nature as animated stone they are damaged by Preternatural Effects such as Shatter.

Living Gargoyles can be repulsed by the the power of Faith.

Special Abilities:

Darkvision: Living Gargoyles can see in conditions of absolute darkness as if in twilight.

Immune to Normal Weapons: A Living Gargoyle can only be harmed by Enchanted, Empowered, or Consecrated weapons, or by Preternatural Effects. It is not harmed by holy water.

Impersonate Statue: A Living Gargoyle that remains motionless looks exactly like an ordinary stone statue. Characters who have reason to believe the statue to be unusual can make a Wisdom Check to detect that something is wrong. Demon Hunters can use their Demonology Special Ability to detect a Living Gargoyle.

Superior Vision: Living Gargoyles can see and distinguish detail at a distance of a mile. They gain a +3 Bonus if they make any artillery attacks.