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The Sprites of folklore are unpredictable creatures, likely to kill for seemingly incomprehensible reasons. Those who encounter Sprites can never be sure of the beings’ true intentions.

This version of the Sprite is intended for use with the Ghastly Affair Role-Playing game. Another version of this creature has been posted at the Troll Lord Games Forums.

Sprite (Aerial, Terrestrial, and Water)
Common, amoral Fairies who who inhabit high places, overgrown areas, and waterways.

Creature Class: Fairy
Number Appearing: 1, or 1 – 12
Initial Impression: A giggling sound coming from the air above, from behind an ancient tree, or in the direction of a lovely pond.
Size: Human-sized

Perversity: 13
Disposition: Mischievous
Charisma: 13 Intelligence: 11 Wisdom: 12
Strength: 9 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 9
Speed: 10 walking, 16 flying

Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 1, 2, or 3
Attacks: 1 (by weapon, or animal form)
Special Abilities: Fairy Characteristics, Fairy Magic, Immune to Favored Element
Weaknesses: Fairy Ban: Cannot Hear Own Name, Fairy Weaknesses
Assets: Beautiful
Afflictions: Disgusted by Salt, Hatred of Religion
Preternatural Powers: Elf Stroke (once per day), Enter Ethereal Plane, Ghost Lights, Invisibility, Minor Creation (as a boon for those that please them), Obscuring Mist, Pass Without Trace, Phantasmagoria I, Polymorph Self.

Natural Habitat: Aerial Sprites – the tops of tall trees, mountains, hills, ruined towers and other airy places. Terrestrial Sprites: stone circles, mushroom rings, woods, isolated meadows, hedgerows, thickets, and other overgrown places. Water Sprites: lakes, rivers, steams, and seas, especially secluded ones.
Level: 1, 2, or 3 (by Hit Dice)

The three types of Sprites are the most common breed of Fairy. Like all Fairy Folk they can appear in almost any form they like, but each has a natural form that accords with its favored element. All Sprites can fly whenever want to, although only the Aerial variety have apparent wings in their true form. Since natural flame is inimical to Fairies, there are no Sprites of a fiery nature.

Sprites are playful, but capricious and utterly amoral. They love engaging in human games and sports, but also enjoy seeing human beings suffer and die. The Presenter should make a secret Charisma Check for every character that encounters Sprites. Success means that the Sprites will be positively disposed towards the Character, and will want to engage in some pleasurable pastime. Failure means that the Sprites will have malicious intent, but may mask it with a pleasant demeanor.

Aerial Sprites in their true shape resemble extremely attractive young men and women clad in diaphanous golden tunics, with constantly beating wings like those of dragonflies or butterflies. They usually hover and fly, seldom stepping foot on the ground. They often assume the forms of butterflies, dragonflies, and birds. Aerial Sprites like to trick human beings into falling from cliffs or high buildings. On the other hand, they will sometimes bring food to lost children, or otherwise aid those they like. They sometimes carry bows and arrows tipped with Elf Shot.

Terrestrial Sprites resemble beautiful, green-complexioned young men and woman. They are clad in leaves and moss, and often crowned with wreaths of flowers. They often assume the form of carpenter ants, ladybugs, grasshoppers, and toads. Terrestrial Sprites often lead people to become lost in the woods, fall into deep pits, or be crushed by falling rocks. They are particularly prone to stealing human babies, and a group of Terrestrial Sprites may have a human infant or child with them when encountered. The favorite pastime of Terrestrial Sprites is dancing inside rings of mushrooms, and they will viciously attack anyone who picks the mushrooms from such a ring. Sometimes the Terrestrial Sprites will dance in fields of wheat or grass instead, leaving behind rings of flattened stalks. They often have slings that they use to fling Elf Shot.

The lovely Water Sprites have bluish skin, and wear either shells and sea wrack as clothing, or else filmy silver tunics similar to those worn by Aerial Sprites. They often appear as fish, frogs, water snakes, eels, and seagulls. Water Sprites love to see people drown. A typical trick for a Water Sprite is to create an illusory treasure at the bottom of a deep lake, and watch as hapless people try to claim it. Sometimes a Water Sprite will romance a lonely person and convince them that they have been granted the magical ability to breathe water. The Water Sprite will laugh as the deluded person jumps into a deep river to join their beloved, and is swept away to a watery death. Sometimes they carry nets and spears that they use to entangle and kill swimmers.

It is not unknown for an Invisible Sprite to attack an unsuspecting person who has annoyed the Fairy in some way – for example, by disrupting a mushroom ring. If directly engaged thereafter, a Sprite will usually try to flee by using Obscuring Mist, turning Invisible, or becoming Ethereal. If somehow cornered, they may change into animal shapes to fight.

Special Abilities

Fairy Characteristics: Sprites are immune to all normal weapons, except those which are made of pure iron or otherwise enchanted. Sprites cannot be harmed by poison, disease, or any Preternatural Fascination effect. They can see perfectly regardless of illumination, and enjoy the constant benefits of the Preternatural Effect True Seeing. Sprites can speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication.

Fairy Magic: Sprites can employ the following Preternatural Powers: Elf Stroke (once per day), Enter Ethereal Plane, Ghost Lights, Invisibility, Minor Creation (as a boon for those that please them), Obscuring Mist, Pass Without Trace, Phantasmagoria I, and Polymorph Self.

Immune to Favored Element: Aerial Sprites cannot be harmed by high winds or electricity. Terrestrial Sprites cannot be hurt even by magical stone or wood. Water Sprites breathe water (and therefore cannot drown), and cannot be harmed by ice or cold. Like all Fairies, Sprites are Vulnerable to Natural Fire and extremely afraid of it.


Fairy Ban (Cannot Hear Own Name): If a Sprite ever hears their own true name they will be banished back to the Otherworld for the remainder of the season. The name will always be some combination of an object and adjective, (such as “Redpebble” or “Goldblossom”) and whenever the Sprite appears in their true form the circumstances will always give some clue as to their name. For example, a Terrestrial Sprite named “Fallenleaf” may always appear among falling leaves, or have leaves falling from the wreath around her head. Sprites will consequently never call each other by name. A Sprite may stop up their ears to avoid hearing their name, if they suspect a human is about to utter it.

Fairy Weaknesses: Sprites are Vulnerable to Iron, and cannot cross a barrier of iron under any circumstances (even when in an Ethereal state). Furthermore they are also Vulnerable to Natural Fire (but not fire of Preternatural origin). Sprites are disgusted by pure crystalline salt (but not briny water). They are affected by Preternatural Effects that target Spirits. Sprites are not actually subject to the power of Faith, but tend to despise any human religion that doesn’t involve Fairy worship.