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Early work has begun on the illustrated version of Ghastly Affair to be released in hard copy. I’ve already started working on material for the follow-up Ghastly Companion, which will include:

  • Optional rules for advancing characters past Level 10.
  • Guidelines for customizing Character Classes.
  • New character classes such as the Seer, Huntsman, Cambion, Maudit (doomed artist), and Adventurer.
  • Extended rules for High Society, gambling and sporting in the Ghastly Age.
  • Mass Combat and Naval rules, to play out the horrors of Napoleonic warfare. The rules are designed to be fast-playing and fairly abstract, to emphasize the actions of individual Player Characters.
  • Many more creatures of the night, including many more Demons, dark Fairies, Ghosts and Revenants.
  • Rules for Presenting the Incarnations of Death, the Devil, and more.
  • Information on creating believable castles, manor homes, and great houses.
  • Information on servants and retainers.
  • A discussion of the state of science, technology, and discovery in the Ghastly Age.
  • Legendary Preternatural Effects, past Level 5.
  • Much more Presenter advice and techniques, from running Bildungsromans (taking a character from childhood to maturity) and Tête à Tête (one-on-one) Affairs, to running spontaneous Game Sessions without advance planning.
  • Ghouls and Unquiet Souls as Player Characters, along with alternate Lycanthropes (including modern-style Werewolves who can transmit their curse as a disease).
  • A full discussion of Curses and creative ways to inflict supernatural misery.
  • More Weird Objects, from Magic Mirrors to Holy Relics.
  • Guidelines for adapting Ghastly Affair for dark medieval romance, Southern Gothic, Belle Epoch, Noir, and Giallo games.
  • Guidelines for running Ghastly Affair as a Live-Action Roleplaying Game.

The drafts of much of this material will premiere here on this blog.

In addition to the Ghastly Companion, I have planned Scenario Books for both groups and one-on-one games, and Guidebooks for locations such as Venice, France, Vienna, Prague, the Carpathian Mountains and the British Isles in the Ghastly Age.

Meanwhile, the Highdark Hall setting will continued to be developed.  Keep checking the blog to see what’s new!