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Life-in-Death will be familiar to those who know Samuel Coleridge’s classic poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (and a certain Iron Maiden song inspired by it).

The night-mare who denies the peace of death.

Signs & Portents: A dramatic drop in temperature. Rising mists and fog. People will be afflicted with dreams of horror that alternate with periods of insomnia. Monsters in the environment will move in the direction of Life-in-Death.
Initial Impression: A woman with a skeletal body, and leprous white skin. Her eyes are lustful, her long hair is golden blond, and her lips are deep red.
Size: Human-sized

Perversity: 30
Disposition: Scheming
Charisma: 20 Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 20
Strength: 20 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 20
Speed: 9

Armor Class: 10
Hit Dice: 20 (120 Hit Points)
Attacks: 1 (slap)
Special Abilities: Create the Deathless, Revenant Characteristics,
Weaknesses: Banished by an Open Heart, Limited Power Over Spirits, Undead Weaknesses
Assets: Skilled Gambler
Afflictions: Poor Self Control
Preternatural Powers: All Evocations, all 0 – 3rd Level, Divinations, Fascinations, Glamors, Maledictions, and Transmutations, but no Blessings.
Favored Preternatural Powers: Animate Dead, Conjure Monster V (Sea Serpent, Giant Octopus, or Dragon), Fly, Gambler’s Luck, Invisibility, Scare, Summon Spirit III (Wraith), Unseen Servant

Natural Habitat: Wherever wicked people have abused Nature, or suffered unnatural deaths.
Level: 10

Life-in-Death is the mother of Ghosts and Revenants, a perverse abomination who delights in spreading misery and disrupting the order of Nature. She is drawn to any place where human beings have committed acts of cruelty against innocent living things, or have wantonly polluted the landscape. Her Incarnation accompanies the Incarnation of Death, gaming with her mate for the right to condemn humanity to restless un-death.

Special Abilities

Create the Deathless: Life-in-Death can transform a target (living or dead) into any type of Ghost or Revenant (including Vampyre). Living victims receive a Wisdom Save to resist. The body of a living victim transformed into a Ghost will fall down dead while the soul separates from the flesh.

Life-in-Death can also grant (or inflict) living immortality, transforming ordinary people into Immortal Wanderers. People so gifted (or cursed) do not age, are immune to disease, and cannot die of natural causes. If slain by weapons they will awake whole and intact in a new location the next morning. They gain the use of a single Preternatural Power (usually Protection From Evil, Banish, or Continual Flame), but are condemned to never sleep in the same location for two consecutive nights.

Revenant Characteristics: Life-in-Death is immune to poison, disease, paralyzation, and stunning. She is also immune to Preternatural Fascination effects, as well as any magic that causes instant death. Life-in-Death can see perfectly regardless of environmental illumination.


Banished by an Open Heart: Life-in-Death will be banished if someone sincerely blesses or embraces a terrifying creature (including one she has created, Summoned, or Conjured) in her presence. If a character’s sincerity is in doubt, they must make a Wisdom Check. Failure indicates that the character acted from fear, not a genuine feeling of kinship with all living things.

Limited Power Over Spirits: Life-in-Death can only target Ghosts when she employs the following Preternatural Powers: Banish Spirit, Bind Spirit, Summon Spirit.

Undead Weaknesses: Life-in-Death is affected by the power of Faith, as well as all Special Abilities and Preternatural Effects which target Ghosts and Revenants.