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Authors from Milton to Baudelaire have been intrigued by the tragic character of Lucifer, a former creature of light brought down by his own pride and ambition. The Devil’s Incarnation might appear and offer to help the characters out of seemingly inextricable trouble, asking merely for their souls in exchange. Perhaps his endless schemes are actually the ultimate source of their problems. Maybe his true agenda is to gain the love of an innocent whose purity and beauty remind him of long lost Heaven.

Lucifer (The Devil, Satan, The Archfiend of Pride, The Son of the Morning, The Father of Lies, Lord of This World, Emperor of Hell)
The ruler of the infernal realm.

Signs & Portents: A whiff of sulfur. A crack of thunder, and a lightning strike. Bats, rats, wolves, cats, goats, and crows in the area will become aggressive and attack any people they encounter. There will be a noticeable increase in betrayal, deception, and venery. Note that these Signs and Portents do not occur if Lucifer has allowed himself to be temporarily redeemed by a True Innocent’s love (see below).
Initial Impression: A handsome and well-dressed man with red skin and small horns. A handsome man dressed in the height of fashion. A red-skinned satyr with bat-like wings and a barbed tail. A blond and blue-eyed child. A crowned, black-winged angel surrounded by a nimbus of light. In all his forms, Lucifer usually bears a trident, but may carry a dueling sword instead.
Size: Human-sized

Perversity: 25
Disposition: Scheming
Charisma: 20 Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 20
Strength: 20 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 20
Speed: 9

Armor Class: 10
Hit Dice: 20 (120 Hit Points)
Attacks: 1 (weapon, usually a trident)
Special Abilities: Diabolical Characteristics, Infernal Bargain
Weaknesses: Diabolical Weaknesses, Limited Power Over Spirits, Must Accept Challenges
Assets: Artist of All Media; Brilliant Debater; Connoisseur of All Art, Food, and Drink; Good Shot; Great Dancer; Great Singing Voice; Handsome; Master Swordsman; Musician of All Instruments, Seductive, Skilled Lawyer
Afflictions: Easily Angered, Extreme Arrogance
Preternatural Powers: All Fascinations, all 0 – 3rd Level Blessings, Evocations, Glamors, Maledictions, and Transmutations, but no Divinations.
Favored Preternatural Powers: Alter Self, Charm Person, Inflict Love, Fame, Fly, Mass Confusion, Overwhelming Fear, Phantasmagoria III, Suggestion, Summon Dark Beast

Natural Habitat: A barbarically splendid palace in the lowest pit of Hell. Masquerade balls and salons. Ballets and opera performances. Musical performances and art expositions. Any place of power and prestige.
Level: 10

Once the greatest and most beautiful of the angels, Lucifer is now dedicated to thwarting the Divine Will wherever he can. Despite being the prime adversary of humanity, he is also the Archfiend whose desires and feelings are closest to those of people. He is extremely well mannered, a brilliant conversationalist, and has a great sense of humor (except about himself). He is the only diabolical being who can incarnate and leave Hell without being Summoned, and may do so for other purpose than to attend the opera. He is even known to fall in love. Lucifer is supremely comfortable in human High Society. Some say he created it.

Lucifer represents the most insidious form of evil. He is a master manipulator, and even good people will go along with his reasonable-seeming propositions. Lucifer will present his schemes as being mostly beneficial, or at least preferable to the plans of more obviously destructive entities (such as The Dreaded Name Demogorgon). He inspires sympathy by presenting himself as a tragic victim of Divine injustice, and a fellow sufferer at the hands of a hypocritical God. Gradually, however, those who succumb to his charms find themselves increasingly Lucifer’s slaves, and all the worse off because they willingly submitted.

Lucifer is the proudest being in the Universe, and will insist upon being treated with the utmost courtesy. Unlike most of his diabolical subjects, who are monstrously brutal beings fond of abusive and obscene threats, Lucifer is a suave and urbane schemer. It takes only a single insult, though, for Lucifer to fly into an implacable rage.

Lucifer cannot resist beautiful young women of exceptional virtue. Some speculate that periods of great peace and happiness on Earth correspond to the times when Lucifer has allowed himself to temporarily redeemed by the love of a True Innocent. Then he will resume his once-benevolent in character, teaching people to improve their lives and perfect their talents. Note that Lucifer will never try to Inflict Love on a person he truly cares for, but will desire that their feeling for him be genuine. Inevitably, however, Lucifer’s beloved will die or become corrupted, and he will return all-the-more fiercely to his war on mankind and the forces of Heaven.

Lucifer is obsessed with producing the Antichrist, a son who rule the Mundane World and defeat the forces of Heaven on Earth. So far, all of his children have failed, but the Devil is nothing if not persistent.

Lucifer’s power is constantly challenged by Beelzebub, the “Lord of the Flies” who is the Archfiend of Gluttony.

Special Abilities:

Diabolical Characteristics: Lucifer is immune to all weapons, except those which are made of silver, consecrated, or otherwise enchanted. He cannot be harmed by fire, poison, disease, or any Special Ability or Preternatural Effect which target minds or emotions. He can see perfectly regardless of illumination, is immune to blindness or any other debility caused by extremely bright light, retains the ability to distinguish colors in conditions of total darkness, and does not need time to adjust his eyes to changing light. He can speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication.

Infernal Bargain: Lucifer can grant almost any imaginable wish or desire to another, provided the recipient willingly signs a contract condemning their soul to Hell after their death. The contract must be signed in the person’s blood, and usually specifies the remaining term of their life (generally 6 years). The Devil specializes in granting enormous wealth, and raising the damned to positions of great power. Those who would sell their souls should be aware that Lucifer will adhere strictly to the letter of a contract, while perverting it’s spirit at every opportunity. A man who becomes Emperor of the World, for example, may find his reign troubled by incessant rebellion, and himself subject to constant assassination attempts.

Note that Lucifer can grant simple Fame without the need for a contract, if he so chooses.


Diabolical Weaknesses: Lucifer is burned by holy water as if it was acid, cannot enter holy ground or touch blessed objects, and is subject to the power of Faith. He is Vulnerable to Silver, and will not voluntarily touch it. He is susceptible to all Preternatural Effects that target spiritual entities. Additionally, the Lucifer’s initial appearance will cause the entire Nearby Area to momentarily smell like burning sulfur.

Limited Power Over Spirits: Lucifer can only target his fellow Devils when he employs the following Preternatural Powers: Banish Spirit, Bind Spirit, Summon Spirit.

Must Accept Challenges: Lucifer’s pride compels him to accept any challenge to a one-on-one contest of weapons, artistic ability, or connoisseurship. The stakes will always be the same. If the mortal wins, Lucifer is defeated, and banished back to Hell. If Lucifer wins he will also return to Hell, but will take the challenger, body and soul! Unlike Death (who will also accept challenges), Lucifer will not wager on things like horse races, or bet on games of chance. He will only engage in contests of pure skill and ability.