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“The Dreaded Name” Demogorgon is inspired by literary sources including Milton, Percy Shelley, and Voltaire. This is probably not the Demogorgon you think you know.

Demogorgon (The Dreaded Name)
A primordial demon-god whose name is not to be spoken.

Signs & Portents: The sound of strange music from no discernible source. Intermittently strong winds. People are gripped with either manic elation or hopeless melancholy.
Number Appearing: 1
Initial Impression(s): A turbulent black cloud of no definite form. An ancient man wearing golden robes, and a barbarically ornate crown of gold and enormous gems.
Size: Human-sized

Perversity: 30
Disposition: Aggressive or Friendly (equal chance per encounter)
Charisma: 20 Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 20
Strength: 20 (or by form) Dexterity: 20 (or by form) Constitution: 20 (or by form)
Speed: 9 (or by form)

Armor Class: 10
Hit Dice: 20 (120 Hit Points)
Attacks: 1 (by weapon type)
Special Abilities: Demonic Characteristics, Creation
Weaknesses: Demonic Weaknesses, Limited Power Over Spirits, Sensitive to Ridicule
Assets: None
Afflictions: Insane
Preternatural Powers: All Maledictions, all 0 – 3rd Level, Divinations, Evocations, Fascinations, Glamors and Transmutations, but no Blessings.
Favored Preternatural Powers: Augury, Cause Critical Wounds, Confusion, Curse, Darkness, Infest Wounds, Prodigious Regurgitation, Rain of Fish, Rain of Flesh, Rain of Frogs, Summon Spirit III (Possessor Demon), Stinking Cloud

“The Dreaded Name” Demogorgon reigns from throne of pure black stone deep within the highest mountain on Earth. Utterly insane, Demogorgon claims to be the creator of the Earth, its ultimate sovereign, and also the force that will eventually destroy all of creation. It also claims to be the Lord of Fate. According to certain stories, the being is the offspring of Chaos and Night – others state it to be the child of the god Jupiter, or a mysterious entity called “The Demiurge”. Apparently, Demogorgon has remained (or been trapped) in its current Incarnation for at least several thousand years, and perhaps since before the Earth came into being.

Every five years The Incarnation of Demogorgon calls all the lesser Spirits dwelling on Earth to pay homage to it. It should be noted that unlike other Incarnations, Demogorgon can Summon, Bind and Banish Spirits of any type (up to Level 5), as long as they are already in the Mundane World. Naturally, the Fairies (who enjoy living away from their native Otherworld) are the ones most affected.

It is said that Demogorgon can hear its name whenever it is spoken, and wise people avoid saying it.

Special Abilities:

Creation: If it takes no other actions, Demogorgon can create any object, material, or non-supernatural creature it desires, at the rate of a 10′ cubical section per minute. It could create a carriage, a lady’s gown, or a tiger, for example. Given enough time, for example, Demogorgon could create a palace. It claims to have created the Earth itself in this way.

Paradoxically, Demogorgon can create items made of iron or salt, although he will not touch them thereafter. Things created by the Incarnation of Demogorgon endure for their normal lifespans, or until the material form of their creator is defeated or destroyed.

Demonic Characteristics: Demogorgon is immune to all weapons, except those which are made of iron, blessed, or otherwise enchanted. It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, disease, or any Special Ability or Preternatural Effect which target minds or emotions. “The Dreaded Name” can see perfectly regardless of illumination, is immune to blindness or any other debility caused by extremely bright light, retains the ability to distinguish colors in conditions of total darkness, and does not need time to adjust its eyes to changing light. Demogorgon can speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication.


Demonic Weaknesses: Demogorgon is burned by holy water as if it was acid, cannot enter holy ground or touch blessed objects, and is subject to the power of Faith. It is Vulnerable to Iron, and will not voluntarily touch it. Additionally, Demogorgon is repelled by pure crystalline salt. The being is susceptible to all Preternatural Effects that target spiritual entities. The entire Nearby Area around Demogorgon is discernibly cold.

Limited Power Over Spirits: While Demogorgon can use Summon Spirit, Banish Spirit, and Bind Spirit against Spirits of any type, he can only do so if the Spirit is already on the Earth. He can Summon a Possessor Demon that is inhabiting a nun in France, for example, but not snatch an Imp from out of Hell.

Sensitive to Ridicule: Demogorgon cannot bear to be ridiculed. If subjected to a full minute (6 Rounds) of uninterrupted insults and belittlement by a single person who is doing nothing else, Demogorgon will be defeated. Of course, any being who attempts to ridicule Demogorgon will have to survive for a full minute while the demon-god does everything in its power to stop them. If Demogorgon is to be believed, the Earth itself will also be destroyed along with his Incarnation. Of course, the demon-god might be lying…