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An Unbreakable Bargain seems like a good idea… until you’re in one! Those foolish enough to make deals with Spirits may find themselves subject to the terms of such contracts.

Unbreakable Bargain (Fascination)
Level: Incantation 3, Ceremony 1, Preternatural Power 2
Affected Area: Two Creatures
Duration: Until fulfilled, within 1 month
Saving Throw: None

The User and Recipient create a bargain that cannot be broken by any means. No matter how either side may seek to prevent fulfilling their side of an Unbreakable Bargain, its terms will always be fulfilled within one month. For example, a Magician offers his left foot as part of an Unbreakable Bargain with a Demon who promises to resurrect the Magician’s dead wife. No matter how either side may try to break the Bargain, the Magician will lose his foot, and the Demon will bring the dead woman back to life. Even if the Magician tries to keep himself from all harm, fate will intervene to cause the loss of the foot. Likewise, even if the Demon wants to cheat the Magician he will wind up somehow causing the resurrection of the woman, in spite of himself. Unbreakable Bargains are very similar to magical Pacts, except that they can be used to force performance of any action, not just the creation of Preternatural Effects.

An Unbreakable Bargain cannot be coerced. Both parties must willingly accept it. The actions specified in the Unbreakable Bargain must always be ones within the power of the relevant party to accomplish. For example, a Fairy cannot enter into an Unbreakable Bargain to restore someone’s youth if the Fairy does not have the ability to do so.