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Here are three more Preternatural Effects for Magicians and Spirits in the Ghastly Affair RPG.

Consecrate Location (Blessing)
Level: Ceremony: 3, Pact 5, Preternatural Power 5
Affected Area: 1 building or plot of land no larger than an acre.
Duration: Permanent until desecrated
Saving Throw: None

A location becomes specially consecrated, repelling supernatural Evil. Demons and Devil are generally unable to enter a Consecrated Location at all. Ghosts and Revenants must make a Moral Check to enter, and another every Turn to keep from leaving the location. Fairies are disgusted by Consecrated Locations, but can enter them if they want. Churches, graveyards, and other holy sites are commonly Consecrated, although the special protection of the Consecration is often undone by human actions.

A Consecrated Location can be desecrated by people deliberately performing immoral acts within it boundaries. The powers of Evil make a particular point of arraigning for the desecration of Consecrated Locations.

Discover Thief (Divination)
Level: Ceremony 2, Talisman 5, Pact 3, Preternatural Power 3
Affected Area: 1 thief
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Avoids discovery

The User learns who stole a missing item, and the current location of the thief. The User can only inquire regarding one item at a time, although such things as a quantity of gold coins in a chest, or a bag of rubies, count as a single thing. The usual forms of this Effect only reveal where the thief was at the time of the question – the person may not still be in that location by the someone travels there. The name revealed will be the one most frequently used by the thief – not necessarily their birth name, or their current alias. Furthermore, the effect does not track the location of the stolen goods; either other Preternatural Effects (such as Locate Object) or mundane detective work will have to be used.

The Talisman form of the Effect automatically tells the wearer of the Talisman whenever anything belonging to them has been stolen, who took it, and the current location of the thief (or thieves).

In all cases the thief is entitled to a Saving Throw to avoid discovery.

Find Person (Divination)
Level: Ceremony 3, Pact 4, Preternatural Power 3
Affected Area: 1 person
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Avoids discovery

The User learns the location of a single named person, wherever they may be. The User must know the actual birth name of the person – aliases and nicknames do not count. Most version of this effect only indicate where the person is at the moment the Effect is used. They might subsequently move from that location.

The Talisman version of the Effect allows the wearer to instantly know the current location of anyone desired, provided the wearer knows the person’s actual birth name.

The person to be found is entitled to a Saving Throw to avoid detection.