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Mysterious Building (Glamor)
Level: Incantation 5, Ceremony 3, Pact 5, Preternatural Power 5
Affected Area: 1 building occupying no more than 5,000 cubic feet in area.
Duration: Until Dawn
Saving Throw: Special

The User creates a quasi-real structure of any form desired, but which can occupy no more than 5,000 cubic feet in total volume. The apparent material, architecture, and interior furnishings are subject only to the imagination of the User. The User could create a 50-foot tall crenelated tower, a small but luxuriously appointed villa, or even a simple thatched hut. The Mysterious Building will give shelter from the elements, just like a normal building. There will be no clothing, food, or water in the Mysterious Building, however, nor will there be any servants. There may be a usable kitchen, depending on the will of he User. Anyone who has reason to disbelieve the reality of the Mysterious Building can make a Saving Throw. If they succeed, the structure simply does not exist for them. To the eyes of such a disbelieving person, anyone entering the Mysterious Building will simply disappear from sight.

A Mysterious Building always disappears at dawn. Anyone inside will find themselves at the exact spot where they apparently entered the structure the day before, regardless of where in the building they believed themselves to be.

Mysterious Transport (Evocation)
Level: Incantation 4, Ceremony 2, Pact 3, Preternatural Power 3
Affected Area: 1 horse, carriage, or boat
Duration: Until Dawn
Saving Throw: None

The User summons mysterious horse, carriage, or sailing boat that will serve until dawn. The horse will be completely black in color, and equal to a War Horse. The black carriage will have room for four passengers (plus their luggage), be pulled by four black Carriage Horses, and be driven by a figure clothed completely in black. The black boat will be manned by a sailor clothed completely in black, have room to transport a dozen people, and will always have the wind no matter what direction it goes. The driver of the carriage and sailor on the boat will obey all orders, but will not otherwise communicate. Nothing summoned by the Effect will fight for the User, or can be harmed by weapons or Preternatural Effects of any kind (except Dispel Magic).

The Mysterious Transport always disappears at dawn, whether or not anyone is currently employing it.