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Because everybody needs some terrible mystery in their personal history! Roll a d20 to determine a horrible secret about the past of a Player Character, Secondary Player Character, or Non-Player Character. Perfect for Ghastly Affair, or any other Gothic, Horror, or Dark Fantasy RPG.

20 Shocking Revelations About a Character

  1. The character and their True Love are actually long lost siblings (or parent and child).
  2. The patron (or best friend) of the character is actually the source of the local horrors.
  3. The horrible, bloody dreams of the character are actually memories of their childhood in a household of cannibals.
  4. The character is actually a crazed murderer in a temporary fugue, or is the unknowing Alter Ego of a Mad Scientist. All their memories of the past are false.
  5. The Devil (or another figure of supernatural evil) was promised the character as their infernal bride, in payment for some dark service.
  6. The real parents of the character are the realm’s most infamous traitors, whose baby was taken from them.
  7. The character is actually a Changeling, made from forest detritus animated by fairy magic.
  8. The character was “coffin-born” to a mother that committed suicide. She may have been cursed to existence as a Vampyre, and been searching for her long-lost child ever since.
  9. The True Love of the character is actually a Vampyre (or other evil being in human form). Note that the evil being may still have genuine affection for the character!
  10. The character is actually the last legitimate heir to the haunted castle/chateau/manor house where they are a guest, and which is currently occupied by a murderous family of usurpers.
  11. The King conceived a child during a Satanic (or Pagan) orgy. That child is the character.
  12. The character is an unknowing somnambulist who commits horrific murders in their sleep.
  13. The disembodied voices the character has long heard are actually made by a murderous ventriloquist trying to drive the character to kill.
  14. The entire childhood of the character was a stage-managed fraud, intended to keep them from knowing their true identity. Their parents, relatives, friends, etc., were all actors employed by the members of some conspiracy.
  15. The character died as a child, but was resurrected by a Mad Scientist (or Magician). Unfortunately, the PC now has no soul. That may also explain why the PC is experiencing strange waking dreams, or is developing such unusual hungers.
  16. The people the character thought were their parents are in fact the Housekeeper and Butler, impersonating the Lord and Lady of the manor. The PC’s real parents are actually imprisoned in the sealed wing (or basement) of their secluded estate.
  17. The poem that was often read the PC as a child actually contains a coded spell that will open the gates of Hell.
  18. The character’s true father was the Devil, who now wants the PC to assume the mantle of Antichrist.
  19. The family of the character is cursed with lycanthropy, which will begin to affect the PC on their next birthday.
  20. The character’s spouse has been administering slow poison to them, and plans on using the fatal dose soon.