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Roll a d20 to determine what bizarre situation awaits a character once they open their eyes.

The Character Wakes Up To Find…

  1. Their mouth full of black feathers.
  2. They are wearing the clothing and body-paint of a distant, primitive tribe.
  3. A headless body lying next to them.
  4. They have become an animal (but retain the ability to speak).
  5. Their entire body covered with iridescent scales.
  6. Bags of money strewn around their bedchamber.
  7. Themselves naked, surrounded by beautiful (and also naked) people they can’t identify.
  8. Themselves in a cell, charged with a bizarre crime (theft of the color orange, contempt of gravity, etc.).
  9. An extra eye in the middle of their forehead.
  10. The whole world is upside down (i.e., they are asleep on the ceiling and looking down on the floor).
  11. Everyone else in the world has become a walking, talking skeleton.
  12. They now have wings.
  13. The entire population of the town has vanished.
  14. A door in the wall of their bedchamber, that wasn’t there when they went to sleep.
  15. They are standing outside of their body, which is still asleep.
  16. Everything that was once delicious is now disgusting, and everything that was disgusting is now delicious.
  17. The world is subtly different, because a certain historical event apparently never happened.
  18. It is still dark, because dawn never came.
  19. A letter inviting them to join the “Sodality of the Desolate”.
  20. A small man perched on their chest, asking if “today is the day we finally make our move”