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Here are twenty examples of portentous meteorological phenomena besides the generic “dark and stormy night”! Use them as background (or even central plot points) in your Gothic, horror, science-fiction, or fantasy games/stories. Surprisingly, many of the events described below have actually been reported. More examples of bizarre weather throughout history can be found in the books of Charles Fort, and at http://www.phenomena.org.uk/index.html.

20 Ominous Weather Events

  1. A fireball streaks across the sky.
  2. Small fish or frogs fall in a rain.
  3. A rain of small stones.
  4. The entire sky suddenly darkens (during the say) or illuminates like midday (at night).
  5. A fall of enormous, strangely colored hailstones (blue, green, red, etc.).
  6. A red rain.
  7. Green or purple lightning.
  8. The clouds form the unmistakable form of a human skull.
  9. All the stars have disappeared, but there are no clouds.
  10. A sticky, gelatinous substance falls from the sky.
  11. Freakishly unseasonable precipitation (a blizzard in the summer, warm rain on a freezing winter’s day, etc.).
  12. Sparks fall from the sky.
  13. Large raindrops fall, emitting electric discharges on any conductive materials they hit.
  14. Caustic rain that burns like lye.
  15. A howling wind that sounds like a clearly comprehensible word.
  16. A number of glowing orbs move slowly across the sky.
  17. A swarm of common insects (ladybugs, flies, butterflies) so large and dense that it obscures the sun.
  18. Rain falling only on a single house, tree, or other feature. The sky is clear all around it.
  19. The sound of galloping horses in the turbulent clouds overhead.
  20. A tornado, in which swirls numerous corpses lifted from shallow graves.