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Cabinet of Curiosities 1690s Domenico Remps

Cabinets of Curiosities, (also known as kunstkammers) were small private museums often found in wealthy homes (such as Highdark Hall) prior to the 20th Century. Typically housed in a single room, such collections could contain curios ranging from the delightful to the macabre. As discussed in the Ghastly Affair Presenter’s Manual, the strange Cabinet of Curiosities is a great place to begin a story.

Roll 1d10 times on each table (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and Artifacts) for every 10 foot square section of the Cabinet. Alternately, use the tables to help determine an object that a collector may commission the Player Characters to obtain on their behalf.

Animal Curiosities (d20):

  1. A horn grown from a human forehead
  2. Alligator / crocodile / python hide
  3. Bezoar stone
  4. Bones of a prehistoric animal
  5. Colorful eggs
  6. Crustacean shells (crab, lobster, crayfish, etc.)
  7. Deformed babies (preserved in jars)
  8. Dried seahorse(s), or starfish(s)
  9. Feathers from a tropical bird
  10. Human corpse(s), flayed, embalmed, and posed.
  11. Mounted bird(s)
  12. Mounted insects (butterflies, beetles, spiders, etc.)
  13. Narwhal tooth
  14. Paper wasp nest
  15. Preserved animal(s) (in jar[s])
  16. Seashell(s), unusual
  17. Skeleton(s)
  18. Skull(s) (human, animal, deformed)
  19. Taxidermied animal(s)
  20. Two-headed animal taxidermy

Vegetable Curiosities (d20):

  1. Bamboo sample
  2. Bottle gourd
  3. Cactus
  4. Carnivorous plant
  5. Coco de mer
  6. Dragon’s blood resin
  7. Dried Fungus
  8. Exotic Wood
  9. Frankincense (or myrrh) resin
  10. Hashish
  11. Leaf from every species of tree in the country
  12. Loofah sponge
  13. Mandrake root
  14. Opium
  15. Papyrus
  16. Pine cone(s)
  17. Pressed flower(s)
  18. Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant)
  19. Seeds
  20. Tagua Nut (Vegetable Ivory)

Mineral Curiosities (d20):

  1. Agate
  2. Asbestos cloth
  3. Bones encrusted with minerals
  4. Clay, exotic
  5. Coral(s) (shaped like a hand, or other object)
  6. Diamond
  7. Flint arrow heads
  8. Fool’s gold
  9. Fossil(s)
  10. Geode, split
  11. Gold nugget
  12. Hag stone (non-enchanted stone with natural hole)
  13. Hematite cube
  14. Jade sample
  15. Mercury in vial
  16. Meteorite
  17. Obsidian
  18. Opal
  19. Pearls, exotic (baroque, blue, black, etc)
  20. Petroleum in a vial

Artifacts & Relics (d20)

  1. African mask
  2. Ancient amulet(s) (Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.)
  3. Bizarre painting(s), drawing(s) or print(s)
  4. Chinese acupuncture needles
  5. Document written in invisible ink
  6. Egyptian mummy
  7. Glass model of a sea animal
  8. Idol from the South Seas
  9. Indian or Aztec religious statue
  10. Iron maiden
  11. Microscope(s)
  12. Mirror(s)
  13. Mummified “mermaid” made from a monkey and fish stitched together
  14. Porcelain with glaze that changes colors in heat.
  15. Rare or strange book(s) (bound in human skin, on forbidden topic, written in an unknown language, etc.)
  16. Spyglass
  17. Strange cloth (changes colors from different viewing angles, unusual color, etc.)
  18. Torture instruments (pincers, skinning knives, whips, the pear of anguish, etc.)
  19. Wax anatomical model
  20. Weird Object (Hand of Glory, Imp Bottle, etc.)