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The long-awaited release of the illustrated Ghastly Affair Player’s Manual is close at hand! In a few short weeks you’ll be able to relax with a copy on your favorite chaise longue, while you imbibe an ancient vintage from the skull of a former lover. Or you could just get together with some friends and play the game instead! Until then, enjoy this preview of the cover, as well as three of the gorgeous full-page illustrations by artist Stacey Kaelin.

Ghastly Affair is the Gothic Game of Romantic Horror, where players live shocking stories of desire, death, and the supernatural against a dark and decadent backdrop of elegance, depravity, and social upheaval. Experience a time when a lady’s hand fan is a weapon in High Society, and monsters of every kind await the unwary.

Images marked “Copyright, Stacey Kaelin 2016” are used under license from the artist. See more of Stacey’s work at: http://www.sakaelin.com.

The light is more lovely for the darkness around it.