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If you like what you see on the Engine of Oracles, here are some other Gothic and Horror gaming blogs and projects I recommend:

Over at “Ynas Midgard’s RPG Blog” the author is developing Grim Tales, a dark fantasy campaign based on European fairy tales and folklore.

Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque” is a Gothic feast run by an expert on the genre. One of the original blogs blending OGL gaming with authentic Gothic sensibility, from someone who really knows what he’s talking about. The highly recommended free downloads are stuffed with dark goodness.

Tales from the Haunted Jukebox” is a gem of a blog that presents the world of 50’s horror novelty songs as an RPG setting! It’s teenage werewolves, rock and roll ghouls, and hot-rods driven by Dracula! A truly great idea that deserves some exposure. Also from the same author is “Great & Small”, a game of animal fantasy in development. The “Creepy Crawlies” setting of the game is a Gothic world where nocturnal animals protect humanity from the real monsters that lurk in the darkness.

Wine and Savages” is filled with Gothic and Regency-era materials for the Savage Worlds system. The authoring is currently developing “The King is Dead”, a darkly romantic Savage Worlds setting that takes place is an imaginary 18th-century setting where vampires rule as nobility. The “VARGR” adventure has been released for the setting already.

The “Aeons & Auguries” blog is a great source for ideas and Old-School style random tables. The recent series of posts inspired by the “Xor” setting, first proposed on the “Elfmaids & Octopi” site, presents a cornucopia of body-horror and bio-mechanical nastiness reminiscent of David Cronenberg movies like “eXistenZ” and “Videodrome”.