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The long-awaited, illustrated edition of the Ghastly Affair Player’s Manual is now available as a print-on-demand book through Amazon and CreateSpace!

GhastlyAffairPlayersManualCoverPromoGhastly Affair is the Gothic Game of Romantic Horror, set in a macabre world of terror and desire. Play out stories of love and death, where deceased paramours won’t stay in the grave, cursed noblemen wander the moors as wolves, and young women are trapped in the dark halls of ancient castles. Beware the highwayman that terrorizes the roads, or take him as a lover instead!

Experience the Ghastly Age, a darkly romantic take on the years when the Marquis de Sade lost his freedom, Marie-Antoinette lost her head, and Napoleon lost an Empire. Aristocrats play twisted games of seduction and betrayal in glittering palaces, while ordinary people starve in the streets. Some take arms against the creatures of darkness, while other battle with words in the salons and coffee houses. Restless souls haunt ancient abbeys, while immoral Libertines haunt the ballrooms of High Society. Live a life of romance and horror in a time of revolution, war, and natural disasters.

The rules of Ghastly Affair utilize the familiar terms and concepts of Old-School Role Playing Games, but with a modern twist. Characters are defined by six Basic Abilities, a Character Class, and Level. The basic system is simple: roll a twenty-sided die to obtain a number lower than the rating of an Ability. Character Classes include such classic Gothic tropes as the Bandit, Grave Robber, and True Innocent. Each Class has its own flavorful array of Special Abilities and Weaknesses, and can also be customized with free-form, player-defined Assets and Afflictions.

Magic is dark and dangerous in Ghastly Affair. Magicians use Invocations to manipulate minds, perform Ceremonies to summon Demons, create Talismans that protect the wearer from harm, and employ Pacts that grant power at a cost. Mad Scientists invent strange drugs and bizarre machines that twist the laws of nature. Anyone can use a Magical Ritual to gain love or treasure, if they are willing to suffer the awful consequences. And the Devil himself waits for those desperate enough to barter their very souls.

The illustrated Ghastly Affair Player’s Manual contains all the information needed to be a Player in the Ghastly Affair RPG. It includes complete rules for creating and advancing characters, with nine Gothic Character Classes (and optional rules for playing Vampyres and Werewolves). Guidelines are given for situations ranging from flirting at the masquerade ball, to fighting supernatural horrors. Plus, extensive information on the culture, clothing, objects, and attitudes of the Ghastly Age is woven throughout the text. If you already have the Free PDF version, this illustrated, full indexed edition will be a beautiful and useful addition to your gaming table!

Coming Soon: The illustrated Ghastly Affair Presenter’s Manual, filled with advice on presenting stories of Gothic Horror and Romance, a full selection of Creatures and Adversaries, a detailed chronology of the Ghastly Age, and much more! Download the free PDF version of the Presenter’s Manual to help run you game until the release of the book!

Please note: Ghastly Affair emulates the shocking world of the original Gothic novels, and is therefore intended for mature readers.

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See the Downloads page for Character Record Sheets and Quick References for Ghastly Affair.